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What Goes on the Internet Never Really Leaves
Published By megamatt09 on 2011-09-13 194 Views

Have you ever posted something on the Internet, whether it be something that you wrote, a less than flattering photo or video, or anything else, that you regretted much later? It does happen to many people and chances are that you might not have hit the stage of regret, but there could be something out there. So you see this disturbing thing with your name attached to it. It could be anything from an embarrassing tweet, a Facebook post that was not made in the best of moods, an article that was a bit harsh or offensive when you were in a bad mood, a post on the message board, or a photo or video. It could be any number of things but regardless you suddenly come to the horrifying realization that you posted something that you really know that you shouldn’t of. Potentially it has some personal information or the personal information of someone you know that really should not be up on the Internet. So you scramble to delete it.

What Goes on the Internet Is Usually Downloaded By Someone.

Of course when it is deleted, it is never truly gone. Nothing is off of the Internet. The second something gets posted, it falls into the hands of many people. They will download that photo, they will download that video, they will save a copy of that post, they take a screenshot of that tweet or Facebook post. Although to be fair, the last two are only for the famous people, who claim that their Facebook or Twitter accounts were hacked later on. Yeah sure, pull the other one, it has bells on it.

The point is, what goes on the Internet, could potentially end up downloaded onto someone’s computer. This could be mildly embarrassed to a completely and utter horrific situation. Especially in the case of any personal information, posting your phone number on a public forum for example, that’s just an invitation for trouble. Might seem like common sense, but it is rather true.

In this day and age, privacy is something that is less, so we got to exercise the most careful common sense. Sometimes it’s best to lurk if you’re in a foul mood or if you’re not in sound mind shall we say. Don’t post anything that you will rush in a mad scramble to delete. Especially with photos and videos of questionable taste and content, as someone will have that on their computer. Especially if you’re famous but to be honest, there are all sorts out there on the Internet.

In the end, every single photo on the Internet, someone has it. Every video, someone will have it shortly.

Every single post, not to mention that there are backdoors to access content that had been previously “deleted”, although some of them are of questionable legality, but that’s never really stopped many people before.

Just use common sense. I know that’s a hard thing to do for some people these days but do make the best effort. Nothing ever truly is deleted when it’s on the Internet.

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