What Is The Dns Changer Bot

One of the more frustrating pieces of malware which hit the market in some time, the DNS Changer Malware are still having last affects to this day, that was spread through millions of computers throughout the world. The criminals in charge, a company calling themselves Rove Digital, were charged but despite them being taken off of the streets, the malicious results of the DNS Changer Botnet have resulted in some long lasting consequences, with many computer users being victimized.

The FBI is taking an unusually proactive approach to the matter of a bot net, where those are warned to take action

to see if they have the offending Malware on their machines. If they do not act promptly, within the next three months, to remove it, there are some individuals who may face total Internet Blackout come July 2012.

Internet Blackout For Those Still Infected with DNS Changer Malware in July 2012

The DNS Changer Botnet, a piece of malware (or malicious software) was downloaded into the computers of millions and mimicked trusted websites. Everyone down the line were potential victims, as mass identity theft was committed, with money being swiped, as the personal information fell right into the lap of these criminals.

The criminals were caught back in November of 2011. The group known

as Rove Digital. Naturally despite the fact that the criminals have been caught, the results of their crime continue to affect people and there are many computers that are still infected, as there are many who are unaware or mistakenly think that they can never be infected.

So how do you know whether or not your computer is infected by the DNS Changer Botnet? It is a very simple process. Even nothing has come up suspect on your various scans of your computer, it will not hurt to be sure if your computer has a clean bill of health. Head over to dcwg.org and follow the instructions to detect and if you are unfortunate enough to be one of the many afflicted, then take the actions requested to cleanse the bot.

The FBI plans to block off all Internet connections infected by this bot net come July 9th, so there is no time to waste. Make sure you are in the clear today.


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