What Are Causes Of Headaches

Most of us have had a headache of some sort for one time or another. The headaches obviously range in different levels. From a slight pain that we can easily work through to a moderate headache that causes us to be cranky to everyone that looks at us cross eyed to an absolutely deliberating headache where it hurts to even think or blink. Along with every variety of headache in between but never the less there are many different headaches. What cause headaches however? Well that is an extremely interesting question. The causes of headaches are many but here are five
different causes of headaches. Not Eating Enough Food Perhaps one of the most common causes for having a headache is not eating enough. Having a headache is one of the bodyís warning signs to tell it needs to eat some food. It would be prudent to eat something. It does not have to be a huge feast, just something to ease the tension. Many times people freak out over a headache and potentially for good reason, but itís just something as simple as not having enough to sleep. Lack of Sleep Sleep is essential to function in life. There will be many times where if sleep is disturbed, then there will be some side effects. One of those side effects could potentially be a deliberating headache that could make it

hard to function. Hopefully youíre not caught up at the wrong moment and can have a bit of a brief lie down to allow yourself some sleep. Insane Stress Stress is not good on any of us. If we are under a lot of stress, there is a pretty good chance that one of the headaches. Naturally stress can lead to far worse health problems, but a headache is one sign of insane stress. Constantly Strained Eye Sight Headaches can be caused when you are straining your eyes, which means you may need glasses. If you already have glasses, there is a change that you need better, stronger glasses. The need for some kind of corrective measure to your eyes often brings upon headaches. Potential for a Serious Medical Problem. While we donít like to think about these things, they need to be acknowledged. Constant severe headaches could lead to a stroke or could be a sign of a brain tumor developing. This is the worst case scenario that could be a cause for headaches and hopefully thatís not the case but it can be. Headaches are unfortunate and the causes are many. Hopefully the cause of the headache are not serious and can be easily rectified. http://healthmad.com/conditions-and-diseases/what-causes-headaches-2/

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