What Age Should Children Be Expected To Behave

As parents know, raising children can be a challenge. When you deal with how many schools of thought there are with how to raise children and all are intensely debated, that can overwhelm many individuals. To raise children and also to punish them, there are many who will disagree. Some might state a firmer approach to exert your authority while others will say that children will respect you more if you treat them as equals. Yet, there is a question that must be asked for behavior. What age should children, know better?

That is a very tough question to deal with

for a simple reason. Some children mature a bit quicker than others. There are times where toddlers are surprisingly behaved. Then there are eight and nine year olds out there that still act like petulant little brats who would never behave. Along with essentially every other little thing in between.

Part of the thing is that if you raise your child in the right way, they should know better and how to behave. Of course, raising your child the right way is never something that is the same for two children. A key error that many parents make is thinking

that the method used to raise Child Number 1 is going to work for child number 2. Some children get it quickly and others are extremely stubborn.

By the time they get to school age, it should be a reasonable assumption that children should know better by then. Schools tend to frown upon children who act up and act like entitled brats. Yet just because one would assume that they know better, it does not necessarily mean that they do in fact know better. Around the age of three or four, five years old at the most, should be age that some might consider to be reasonable for the age that children know better.

Impressing proper behavior on your children at a young age is important. During those formative stages of development, it is much easier to get them to understand. You do not need to be harsh about it, but it is wise for parents to make their children understand. No one said that parenting was an easy job but it is one that requires dedication. Children should behave for the most part right prior to attending school. 

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