West Coast Avengers Issue 1 Review

It is time to reach into the Really Big Comic Box of Doom™ and review West Coast Avengers Episode Volume 1 Issue 1 from September 1984 entitled “Avengers Assemble”. In this team, Hawkeye forms the West Coast Avengers, with Mockingbird, Iron Man, Tigra, and Wonder Man.

West Coast Avengers Volume 1 Issue 1 Review

West Coast Avengers Volume 1 Issue 1 Review was released by Marvel Comic Books in September 1984, written by Roger Stern, penciled by Bob Hall, Inked by Brett Breeding, colored by Julianna Ferriter, lettered by Joe Rosen, and edited by Mark Gruenwald.

All great comic books and all not

so great comic books have to originate from somewhere. And the West Coast Avengers have to originate from somewhere, the Avengers moving right to the West Coast, with Hawkeye leading the team, with his wife Mockingbird. The Vision sends Tigra and Iron Man to join the team.

Wonder Man was featured in this issue but he did not quite the team right yet. And the Iron Man in this issue is not the original Iron Man. This was during a time where Tony Stark was having substance abuse problems

and obviously that would not be conductive to him being a super hero. So his good friend James Rhodes, better known as War Machine, stepped right in, to fill right in as the new Iron Man which rather was something that occurred for a while in the 1980s.

The West Coast Avengers got off to a pretty good start. All of the characters, we got a taste right of how they are going to be characterized. And considering this is just going to be a part of a four part series of issues.

Several team members have answered the call. The West Coast version of the Avengers is really getting off to a great start. Most certainly this is an issue that is worth a look, with the entire four part series being part of this.

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