West Coast Avengers 80 Review

Avengers West Coast Volume 2 Issue was titled "Turn of the Sentry" In this comic book, Captain America enlists the help of the West Coast Avengers to save Rick Jones, who have been taken aboard a Shi'ar star ship to be integrated.

Avengers West Coast Volume 2 Issue 80


Avengers Volume 2 Issue 80 was released by Marvel Comics with a cover date of March 1992. This issue was written by Dann Thomas and Roy Thomas, colored by Dave Ross, colored by Bob Sharen, lettered by Joe Rosen, and inked Tim Dzon.

We are rather getting to the end of the run of

the Avengers West Coast experiment from both Marvel Comics and the Avengers on the East Coast in general. It is a rather solid issue as both Avengers teams really have to get together.

One big thing is underlined is the tension between Captain America and Iron Man. Given that what would happen fourteen years later in Marvel Comics between these two characters in the Civil War event, this appears to be a minor tiff.

Rick Jones, the long time sidekick of the Hulk and later Captain America and many other characters of the Marvel Universe, is taken aboard of the

Shi'ar starship. You may remember the Shi'ar from the X-Men comics. Their original appearance lead to Jean Grey getting her phoenix force powers, then she didn't because it was a clone but then she really was the Phoenix and then...yeah, X-Men continuity that can be confusing sometimes.

This was a rather fun nice little adventure in space with our heroes and everything appears to be good, with Rick Jones being liberated from his captivity. Of course, as was the custom with most comic books well pretty much ever, this is to lead people into buying a comic featuring a lesser known character, in this Quasar.

Overall a rather fun issue but not one that I would recommend rather going out of your way to pick up, outside of acquiring a complete run of a comic book.

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