West Coast Avengers 4 Review

It is now time to dip right into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ and pull out West Coast Avengers Volume 1 Issue 4, entitled “Finale.” In this issue, our team is fully formed, trying to take down Graviton once and for all for the win.

West Coast Avengers Volume 1 Issue 4 Review

West Coast Avengers Volume 1 Issue 4 was released in December 1984 from Marvel Comics and was the finale of the four part issue which formed the West Coast Avengers. This issue was written by Roger Stern, Penciled by Bob Hall, Inked by Brett Breeding, Colored by

Ken Feduniewicz, and lettered by Joe Rosen.

This is the one that we have all been waiting for. The final issue and we wrap things up with a bang with the final battle with Graviton. And all of the cards are laid out on the table. Graviton is not going to go down easily but that is just the nature of the fight.

Iron Man reveals himself in this one not to be Tony Stark but Jim Rhodes officially to the team. This sparks a rather prominent controversy about Hawkeye not wanting an amateur Iron Man. However

Rhodes is far from an amateur and he proves himself.

This might be a rag tag team of misfits in many ways, but it is a rag tag team that does work. With a little deception with Tigra disguising herself as Madam Masque, they manage to take down Graviton. Again not easy, and perhaps one could argue that had things gone a bit differently, then we would have had a bad situation.

So what did I think of this first set of issues overall? It was a pretty good ride actually. I think that this team might not have been a team that many would think have worked but it was an interesting marketing potential and these four issues proved that Marvel Comics were not afraid to go beyond the norm, while holding onto the Avengers Name.

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