Ways Senior Citizens Are Being Scammed

These days there are more scams out there then ever before. One of the groups that are the most susceptible to being scammed are senior citizens. Given the fact that they are seen by scam artists as those who are susceptible to tricks based on what they think to be a failing mental condition. So there are people out there who are going to try and get seniors to hand over their hard earned money.

Here are some of the more common scams that seniors should watch out for.

Phone Calls from people claiming to be from a bank.

More often

than not, banks are not likely going to be calling you, for your social security number or account numbers. Still there are many seniors that might not be wise because of this, so it is an easy trap to fall into and thus information is being obtained for theft that way.

Phone calls from people claiming to be relatives in jail and wanting bail money.

This is a twisted one to be sure. Obviously most people are not going to turn down a family member. Still seniors have been scammed by people claiming to be family members over the telephone and wishing for them to turn over vital information.

E-Mails asking for personal information.


are many seniors out there that might have a computer. However, they might not be as jaded as their younger family members and haven't grown up in an environment where e-mail fraud is common and thus tell tale signs. Therefore, they might be a little more trustworthy and it leaves them a target for scam artists.

People posing as inspectors.

There was a case here of someone posing as a charming young pest inspector, who claimed that all of the houses in the neighborhood needed a scan because of an infestation in the area. As it turns out, it was a front to rob the house. Many seniors in the area fell for this. Many other similar cases with contractors or someone who says they “need to use the phone” are also among the similar vains.

If you are a senior or have parents or grandparents who are reaching an older age, tell them to be on their toes. They are at risk now more than ever for being scammed.


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