Waiting An Hour After Eating Before Swimming

Summer is nearly here and one of the fun activities children and adults of all ages can do is swimming. It is a nice form of exercise, it is a nice way to cool off, and it is a nice way to unwind after a long hard day. However, as fun as swimming is, there is one rule that many have debated about and that is how long should you wait after eating until you jump into the pool?

It has been said that suddenly cramps in water could be potentially problematic for swimmers, due to the body not really liking

to make sudden movements when it it is the process of digesting food. Most sources rather say that a person should wait an hour right after eating before diving right into the pool. But is that would swimmers should do?

While you're likely not going to drop dead if you jumped into the pool fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds after eating, it is true that you can get cramps from swimming. Also one thing to consider is how much you ate and more importantly what you ate.

A person

who has a light snack for example before jumping into the pool, may be okay with going right into the pool right within the next fifteen or so minutes.

The person who eats about what your average meal, it would be wise to rather wait forty five minutes to an hour before getting in the pool.

A larger than normal meal and it might not be a good idea to get right in the pool for some swimming, after eating.

It is all down to the person, how they ate, and what they eat. Swimming can be fun but when it goes wrong, it might be able to go wrong. Swim safely and if you eat something, then don't jump directly into the pool. It could be painful or potentially could cause you to drown in the most extreme circumstances. Rare, but its better safe than sorry.

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