Video Game Classics: X-men The Arcade Game

X-Men is one of the most popular comic book franchises in the world, with the comic books that started it all launching to cartoons, movies, and several video games. This past year, X-Men: First Class came out, doing well at the box office, and was given critical acclaim by the reviewers. Yet in the world of video games, X-Men have had their ups and downs. One of the first really fondly remembered game for the X-Men was the Arcade Game released by Konami in 1992, entitled X-Men.

X-Men The Arcade Game Review

X-Men had a couple of games prior for the NES

and they were kind of a letdown. Konami was the perfect company to make a beat them up game, as their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games met with high praise. So X-Men the Arcade Game was released in 1992 and finally people had a beat em up game featuring Marvel’s Merry Mutants.

There were six X-Men to choose from. All of our favorites from that time period were there…well most of them. Naturally Wolverine was there, Storm, Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Dazzler…wait a minute, Dazzler? Yes the X-Men Arcade is sort of based off of the roster from the 1988 Animated X-Men pilot entitled Pryde of the X-Men. X-Men all had a number of generic attacks, along with a special attack.

This is a classic beat them up game at its finest. You fight a roster of X-Men Villains, with Magneto being the most

memorable in this game, just because of his dialogue. “X-Men, Welcome to Die!” and “I am Magneto, Master of Magnet!” Yeah, not the best dialogue for this game, but this is a beat them up game and not looking for great dialogue. Also we got various villains including Blob, Pryo, the White Queen, the Juggernaut, Mystique, and many more key bosses. There are numerous enemies, including Sentinels that resemble Iron Man. The ending battle after you fight through all of the levels is against Magneto, on his base of operations, at Asteroid M.

Overall this was a fun game in my childhood. It was only released in an arcade version, sadly it never made the jump to the home console. However, if you’re resourceful enough, you might be able to find a copy out of it. All things considered, the graphics and the game play are very much a product of its time, but I’ll give X-Men the Arcade Game a 8/10 for about an hour or so of good mindless fun. That was back in the day where video games were just something to kill a couple of hours of your time and you moved on with your life, not the commitment they are now.

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