Ultimate Spider-man Hulk Sick Hulk Review

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 19 was called Home Sick Hulk. In this episode, Spider-Man has to take care of the Hulk who is sick, without Aunt May or Nick Fury finding out. The Hulk has been infected by the Phalanx and is a rather hungry Hulk. What will happen? Find out as we take a look at Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 19 Home Sick Hulk and Review it.

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 19 Home Sick Hulk Review.

So we start this episode with Aunt May out of town for the weekend. Peter Parker has had a lot of trouble with taking care of pets

and he gets locked out a lot. Spider-Man is out and finds the Hulk, as he has been infected by the Phalanx. Hulk smashes a lot. Nick Fury calls Spider-Man about the situation, but he knows it all ready. There was a bit of an amusing moment as Hulk fell on top of Spider-Man.

Yeah, Aunt May returns home after she twisted her ankle on a curb. So Peter Parker is in a pickle as he has to take care of the Hulk without his Aunt May finding out. Needless to say, we get some of the “humor” you’d expect. Although there are some rather amusing moments, as Peter giving his aunt a phone book to read. Also, Hulk mistakes ant for aunt. Then we got Hulk raiding the fridge, always a classic.

There is actually some rather heartwarming bonding

between Hulk and Peter Parker. Peter lets the Hulk know his secret identity. Eventually, we find out that Bruce Banner exists and the Hulk has some moments of intelligence. That brought the episode up a little bit, as Hulk and Spider-Man both bond and smash. It is a wonderful feeling.

Spider-Man and Hulk fight the Phalanx, who have duplicated Hulk’s strength. Hulk shows some intelligence and they use Hulk’s anti-bodies to beat them. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. show up but Spider-Man talks some sense into Fury. The Hulk is offered a place as a hero and he mulls it over. Plus he wants to eat, so there’s that.

Spider-Man meanwhile has to return and he forgot his Aunt May. You know what I liked about this episode the most. No team members to drag it down. Hulk’s “Deja-Vu” quip was rather sound and just some heartwarming moments all around.

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 19 Home Sick Hulk Review gets a 7.5/10 out of me. Watch episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD on the Marvel Animated Block at 11:00 AM Eastern Time each and every Sunday.

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