Ultimate Spider-man Episode 8 Back In Black

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 8 was titled Back in Black. In this episode, a mysterious hero who looks like Spider-Man but wearing black returns. As it turns out it is the return of Venom and Harry Osborn is in big trouble. Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 8 Back in Black first aired on Disney XD as part of the Marvel Universe Animated Block on May 13th 2012.

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 8 Back in Black Review

As always, there will be spoilers, so check out right now if you do not want to be spoiled for this latest episode of Ultimate Spider-Man

Episode Summary

Peter Parker is rather

not feeling well having got a cold but suddenly a new hero, that resembles him dressed in black appears. Everyone loves this new Spider-Man even no less than J. Jonah Jameson declares that this Spider-Man is far from a menace. Meanwhile Spider-Man tries to find out who the new mysterious hero and it appears that he resembles our old friend Venom.

As it turns out, Harry Osborn is the new hero, using a piece of Venom from the previous appearance stored in a watch, in a misguided attempt to impress his father. Harry is adamant that he can control the creature, but it appears that he is slowly losing control, following right into pure rage.

Fury accuses Spider-Man of knowing more than he is telling, as Harry morphs right into Venom. We have a fight, where Spider-Man manages to defeat him.

Or so we think, as a small piece of Venom is in Harry's ear at the end of this episode.

Episode Review

A couple of half way decent fight scenes aside, not really feeling this episode. For the second week in a row, the team was kept at a bare minimum

just leading to Spider-Man being featured right into this episode for the vast majority of it.

On the other hand, the cut away scenes were back with a vengeance this week. And we had this annoying subplot of Peter being sick which lead to some cringeworthy moments. Then again given the target audience for this show, obviously it could have been a lot more gross and juvenile.

This version of Venom, they did try with it but its just not flowing properly. And obviously, he'll be back more than soon.

It was so obvious that Peter was going to get the rest of the team sick and they were going to call for his head.

After last week this episode felt like three steps back after taking a bit forward.

Final Thoughts and Episode Rating

5/10 for this one, just not feeling it this week. The curve I was grading this show on is done, and now I have just the strangest hunch I'm going to give some nasty reviews for some of these episodes in the not so distant future. You can watch Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 8 Back in Black on Disney XD On Demand if you have it and watch brand new episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man every Sunday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

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