Ultimate Spider-man Episode 18 Damage Review

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 18 was titled Out of Damage Control or just merely damage. In this episode, the team is forced to help Damage Control clean up after a battle with the Wrecking Crew. Yet, Spider-Man is suspicious about their leader Mac. Is Spider-Man right or are there more forces at work?

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 18 Damage first aired on Disney XD on August 19th 2012 as part of the Marvel Animated Universe Block.

Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 18 Damage Review.

I cringed about one minute into this episode. The Ultimate Spider-Man crew kick off with the stupid cut scenes right away. Nova’s

humor fell flat, much like most of his character. At least, the team did save civilians. Our team fought the Wrecking Crew, who really are what they are. They destroy many things. Spider-Man failed big time with a falling piece of debris as we go to the first commercial.

In a huge surprise, the rookies messed up big time. All five of them this time and not just Spider-Man as it turned out. Nick Fury showed up to complain about them. Fury actually had some funny lines where he expressed his sarcasm about the Wrecking Crew wrecking things. Spider-Man and the rest of the team were put on Damage Control. Damage Control is a team that cleans up those super powered mess. The line “has Doctor Doom destroyed your living room” stood out in their commercial.

As if on cue, J. Jonah Jameson watched. So some reason, Fury made Nova the foreman. His eyepatch must have been on too tight. Stan Lee showed up and was epic as usual. Say what you want about Stan, but he obviously can make fun of himself. He wanted the extra cash. Nova got shrunk down, which was both funny and annoying. Right now, Spider-Man began to suspect Mac, the leader of Damage Control of pulling off a bank heist.

Yes, Mac looked like the late Dwayne McDuffie, who created Damage Control and who this episode was dedicated to.

The building fell down when Spider-Man went in the condemned place. Fury reamed them out per usual. The entire team refused

to listen to Spider-Man. Then again, that would be nothing new, but at the same time, there’s been times where he had been right. The web slinger snuck away to Damage Control and displayed a stealth suit.

Also Spider-Man learned the lesson that Pepper learned on Iron Man Armored Adventures. A stealth suit is pretty much useless if you cannot run your mouth. Damage control security attacked Spider-Man but he avoided it and investigated Mac who is rather clean. Shruken Nova showed up because he believed Spider-Man. Well at least he has some sense.

As it turned out, the Wrecking Crew might be a bit smarter than we thought. They staged the wrecking, to get into the bank disguised as members of Damage Control. They prepare to take off with the bank loot but the odds are even with White Tiger, Power Man, and Iron Fist show up.
Fight scene was by the numbers but it had some cool moments. There was a nice scene before the team showed up where the Wrecking Crew followed Spider-Man down his web line. Said scene was promptly ruined by stupid cutaway. Mac showed up to save the day and shrunk all of the Wrecking Crew in Spider-Man’s webbing. Jameson ranted on the Jumbo Tron and Nova returned to his normal size.

Fury showed up at the end to give his assessment. Then he knocked everything over. So Fury is put to work and Spider-Man threw his words back in his face.

Ultimate Spider-Man concluded with a dedication to Dwayne McDuffie.

This episode wasn’t bad but it sure was not good. It had some chuckle worthy moments, which I’ll take. Stan stole the show. 5/10 rating is given for Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 18 Damage.

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