Triond Forum Shut Down

So I was going through the community section on the Triond website today, and I noticed that the section did seem to be rather bare. Upon further investigation it appears that one part of the Triond community has completely vanished from the tab. That being the rather controversial and much polarizing Triond forum. The Triond Forum has been a curious part of this website for a long time. It does seem to exist in its own plane of existence apart from the website. Iíve popped in from time to time to lurk, and often times Iíve gone from kind of amused
to completely and utterly horrified depending on what precisely was posted. I think that most would have been disgusted by anything but trust me, Iíve been desensitized to a lot of things where it just rolls off my back. So when something appalls it really is bad. Some of the material posted on that particular forum is so shocking, so disgusting, that I donít even dare hint upon what has been posted. Iíve been on the Internet for a while. Iíve seen some dens of depravity, some rather harsh forums with posters the likes of which you would scarcely believe could exist and they were negative places to be for sure. And even the nicest forums will have their trolls from time to time. Such is the nature of the Internet. Such is the nature of life to say at all. The Triond forum in theory was to help writers gain advice and help to find their feet. The theory turned out to be flawed as the execution did not work. Instead the forums became like the wild west, if every single sheriff had been shot and no one was willing to step

in to maintain law and order. Thus the outlaws went to war with the worse outlaws. Trolls of all shapes and sizes tended to pop up, breeding as if they were rabbits. Iíll be honest with you, I tended to avoid the forum, only popping in to lurk from time to time out of a form of extremely morbid curiosity. It was much like poking a dangerous animal that you shot, to see if it was really dead. It the forum had been my first impression to Triond, I would have never come back ever. From my understanding moderation was tried, but it was a disaster. At least thatís what I was able to piece together. Iím sure there were a few good people lurking around in the sea of disease that was the forum but itís just like when you were in school. A few people act up, so the entire class gets punished. Thus the keys to the forum have been taken away and it is gone. Is the forum gone for good on Triond? Well I really canít say. It could be but everyone on the forum could have been given a time out for a few months and perhaps Triond is considering their options with the forum. Or weíll never hear about it again. I do think that it was a wise choice to take the forum away, as it could have scared many quality writers away from this website by their conduct. The Triond Forum was a liability in the end. So good bye to the forum here on Triond. Wish I could say it was an honor.

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