Train Your Pet For A Happy Life

Last summer, in my neighborhood, there was a huge uproar. A dog attacked and mauled another older dog. The dog had gotten riled up for whatever reason and loose into the next yard as well, where its source of aggression was directed at the poor dog who was a few steps slower due to age and obviously a very well behaved dog that was caught off guard by this act of violence. The owners had plead for their dog to cease the attack, but the dog had not obeyed its owners, because it had not been trained how. Eventually animal

control was called to defuse the situation.

As a result, the mauled dog had to be put to sleep for its own good, because it could live but it would be a very painful and miserable life. The attacking dog was put down. The owners of the attacking dog were sued for the actions of their dog but to be fair, in this situation there was no real winner. Two poor animals suffered, someone lost their dog, and someone else had to pay money.

The moral of this story is that if the attacking dog was actually trained, then this might not have happened. That becomes a problem with not just dogs mind you, but many pets. People want the actual

fun parts of having pets, but none of the responsibility whatsoever. This is really a sad thing where this often ends badly.

For not training a pet such as a dog, there is truthfully no best case scenario for something like this. You are condemning your poor animal to a horrible worthless existence. At the worst, your animal mauls someone, whether it be another animal or a person. Then you get slapped with a hefty legal bill and then you wonder why it could happen.

Some pets require more careful training than others. Specific dogs require more specialized training than others. If you are thinking about getting any type of pet, you should research it, to make sure you are one hundred percent willing to make a commitment of having a pet. If you are not willing to take responsibility for doing all you have to do with your pets, then maybe you shouldn't have one.

Pets are suffering every day. Then again, since people are often poorly trained, perhaps it is just as well. Still if you train your pets, they will have happy, healthy lives. If they don't, then you are condemning some animal to an awful life and a bad home.

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