Top 25 Tag Teams In Wrestling History Part 6

Twenty four other tag teams were talked about. Now it’s time for the main event, the number one tag team out of twenty five in wrestling history.


Let us not waste any more time. Out of all of the tag teams, this tag team measures up higher than the rest and they are a very significant part of tag team wrestling lore for one reason.

1) The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)


There has never been a tag team who has been more significant for any reason and also has had a higher ratio of good, entertaining matches then Shawn Michaels and

Marty Jannetty the Rockers. They joined forces for the first time in 1985 in Kansas City but they quickly made their way to the American Wrestling Association or AWA, known then as the Midnight Rockers, which despite Verne Gagne’s confusion, they were not ever confused with Rocking Chairs. They had an epic feud with the duo of Doug Somers and Buddy Rose, leading to many bloody tag team battles, where the Midnight Rockers finally won the AWA Tag Team Titles. They lost the belts a few months later, before they made their way to the World Wrestling Federation in 1987.

The Rockers quickly positioned themselves as potential contenders to the Hart Foundation, but they were fired within a few days of their first WWF stint due to unruly conduct with their excessive and potentially dangerous level of partying. They competed in Memphis and had another stint in the AWA, feuding with the Bad Company of Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. They returned to the WWF in 1988, having matches with low level tag teams such as the Conquistators before they went into a classic tag team feud with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, the Brain Busters. They made their Wrestlemania debut at Wrestlemania V, losing to the Twin Towers of the Big Boss Man and Akeem. Shawn Michaels would later put in some of the best performances in WWF/WWE history at Wrestlemania, earning the title of Mr. Wrestlemania.

They had a feud with the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers of Jacques and Raymond, in a series of sixty minute Iron Man Tag Team Matches, the first ever Iron Man Matches in the Summer and the Fall of 1989. They also had more matches with the Brain Busters as they were on their way out of the company. At Wrestlemania 6, they had a match with the Orient Express of Sato and Tananka where they lost via a countout when Sato threw salt right into the eyes of Marty Jannetty. They had a feud with Power and Glory of Paul Roma and Hercules but won the WWF Tag Team Titles from the Hart Foundation. The decision was later overturned due to Jim Neidhart resigning

after all and the title change being cancelled. The reason given to wrestling magazines was because of the top rope broke, which was true.

The Rockers really continued to rock in 1991, having an impressive victory with the New Orient Express of Tanaka and Kato, who was Paul Diamond under a mask. They scored their first Wrestlemania win over the Barbarian and Haku at Wrestlemania 7. They failed to win the WWF Tag Team Titles against the Legion of Doom and were beginning to show some signs of strain, both on television and in real life. The team broke up in December of 1991(aired on television in early 1992), when Shawn Michaels nailed Marty Jannetty with a superkick and threw him through the barber shop window.

The break up would be the most famous tag team break up in wrestling, in fact all future tag teams breaking up had people speculating who would be “Shawn”(the half of the tag team who went on to superstardom) and who would be “Marty” (the half of the tag team that would be doomed to midcard after the feud with his former partner had ended). A modern day example would be the Miz and John Morrison, which the Miz moved to higher heights than his former partner, winning the Money in the Bank and the WWE Championship. And John Morrison...well he hasn't quite lived up to what people expected of him.

As a tag team however, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels were top of the line in the ring having many memorable tag team matches. They reunited for one night in 2005, defeating La Resistance on RAW right before Wrestlemania 21. Their break up lead to Shawn Michaels having a Hall of Fame career and being Mr. Wrestlemania and Marty being pretty much being wrestling’s best example of George Jetson Job Security. It was not that Marty was bad, he had many good matches in WWF and in WCW during his brief stint in 1998. It’s just his personal demons got the better of him and he could not be as good as he was capable.

The Rockers are the absolutely best tag team in wrestling and their legacy will lead on in both wrestling excellence and the measuring stick for all future tag team break ups. And they shouldn’t be confused with rocking chairs.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Top 25 Tag Teams in Wrestling History. In December, is the 2011 Year in Review for Wrestling. See you then.

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