Tna Sacrifice 2012

TNA Sacrifice 2012 is live on May 13th 2012. The final Pay Per View before the tenth anniversary of TNA on Slammiversary 2012, Bobby Roode puts his TNA Championship on the line against Rob Van Dam in a Ladder Match. Plus two corner stones in TNA meet when AJ Styles takes on Kurt Angle. It is time to watch TNA Sacrifice 2012 and run down all of the results.

TNA Sacrifice 2012 Review

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian won the TNA Tag Team Titles over Samoa Joe and Magnus

Solid enough tag team match to kick things off, surprised that they took the belts

off of Joe and Magnus but the match was rather rather decent. Double team move gets the win and Daniels and Kazarian are your TNA Tag Team Champions, which really gives them something to do and hopefully will lead to matches with Joe and Magnus, along with the Guns and AJ Styles and a partner should they go down that route.

Gail Kim retained the TNA Knockout's Title over Brooke Tessmacher

Not a bad match at all, as these two had some decent chemistry and it really showed. Gail Kim used a leverage pin to score the pin. Tessmacher is improving, much better than Kelly Kelly by a country mile that's for sure.

Kazarian and Daniels brag about their newly won belts and taunt AJ Styles.

Devon kept the TNA Television Championship over Robbie E and Robbie T

This feud continues with yet another unspectacular match. There was some tension from the Robbies after this match, when Robbie E cost Robbie T the title but stopping a pin. They appear to make up.

Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

Yeah this match was...yeah, kind of a messy finish. Not one of their better matches either. Mr. Anderson getting rocketed in the main event at this time just feels like a step back given that he has been ruined forever by his rapid heel and face teams. But we'll see. This Pay Per View has not been bad just bland, which might be even worse.

Joseph Park cuts a promo, saying that he missed Abyss, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

Crimson cuts a promo, offering a challenge. Out come Eric Young and ODB.

Crimson scored the win

over Eric Young

The less said about this match the better. Crimson sets EY into ODB and hits the Red Sky to score the pin.

Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray

Now we are really getting rolling with an amazing match. Bully Ray has really picked up his game for sure over the past several weeks and Austin Aries is just rolling along as always. Pretty enjoyable match, with Aries putting on the Last Chancery for the tap out and the win.

Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles

You got to give these two credit, they had a good match right as always, even if it was marred by some interference of Kazarian and Daniels interfered. Angle applies the Heel Hook for the tap out and then saves AJ from Daniels and Kazarian, likely cementing his babyface turn after this match. A good encounter between two top of the line competitors on TNA.

Bobby Roode retained the TNA Title against Rob Van Dam in a Ladder Match.

The last three matches were rather ace, which really pulled this card right out of the bland territory that it was heading rather earlier in the show. RVD really took some punishment, either injuring his knee badly or doing a magnificent job selling it. Roode knocks RVD off of the ladder, right onto the chair for the win, to keep the title.

Overall TNA Sacrifice had a slow middle of the card but it really kicked off in the last three matches. For a filler Pay Per View and one on mother's day, a good effort from TNA.

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