Tna Lockdown 2012 Results

TNA Lockdown 2012 took place from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium headlined by the battle for the TNA World Championship between Bobby Roode and James Storm and the return match between Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. It is now time to take a look at the highlights and rundown the results as we watch TNA Lockdown 2012.

TNA Lockdown 2012 Results

Please note that these are just merely the quick and dirty results for TNA Lockdown 2012. If you wish to read my full thoughts in review form, the link will be at the bottom of this list of results.

Lethal Lockdown featured Team

Garrett Bischoff with Garrett Bischoff, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and Austin Aries defeating Team Eric Bischoff, featuring Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Gunner, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. After nearly a half of an hour of action to open up the show, there was lots of insanity. Eric Bischoff beat Garrett with a cane but got cocky, eating a guitar shot right to the head for the pin. As a result, Eric Bischoff cannot use his last name.

In an amazing tag team match, Samoa Joe and Magnus held onto their TNA Tag Team Titles against Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, better known as the Motor City Machine Guns, in a bout with some of the best tag team action the world has known. Much to the displeasure of the TNA fanbase, Samoa Joe and Magnus kept their belts with their snap mare and flying elbowdrop combination move.

In a quick match, Devon hung onto the TNA Television Championship against the former champion Robbie E with a huge


Coming up next, the TNA Knockout’s Title was on the line at Lockdown 2012, where Gail Kim managed to hang onto her title against Velvet Sky. Velvet put up a valiant fight but in the end, she fell short in winning her second TNA Knockout’s Title.

Former tag team partners collided in the next match of TNA Lockdown 2012, when Crimson scored the win over Matt Morgan. Morgan lost his balance and Crimson escaped the cage, to remain undefeated in his TNA career.

In one of the biggest matches of the show, Jeff Hardy gained his vengeance against Kurt Angle inside a Steel Cage. The final move was a death defying high impact Swanton Bomb right off of the top of the steel cage.

ODB and Eric Young hung onto their TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles against Sarita and Rosita. This match was added at the last minute. ODB fires up with a drink and pins Rosita.

Bobby Roode shocked fans around the world by keeping the TNA World Title against James Storm. James Storm had Bobby Roode where he wanted him, nailing him with the Last Call Superkick but Roode fell out the door. Since the rules stated that you can win by escaping the cage, Roode is your winner.

James Storm is frustrated with his loss as TNA Lockdown 2012 concludes on a sour note.

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