Tna Impact Wrestling Spoilers 9/22/11

Welcome to your spoilers for TNA Impact Wrestling for 9/22/11, taped on 9/14/11. The road to Bound for Glory continues, headlined by the huge match between Sting and Hulk Hogan and we have another two hours of TNA fun to air on September 22nd 2011 on Spike TV. If you don’t want to read spoilers, then click your mouse off.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/22/11

In a dark match, Shannon Moore scored the win over Jesse Godderz.

Gunner won a match on Xplosion over Alex Shelley. Remember when Gunner beat both the World Champion and the number one contender on back to back

weeks? Now he’s on Xplosion, a show that TNA doesn’t even bother to put on their own website.

TV Champion Eric Young defeated Douglas Williams. Wow this one is painful. Another Xplosion match.

Sting is outside, talking about how since he beat Ric Flair, he now gets his match with Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory. Out comes Hulk Hogan who says he’s not medically cleared to wrestle. Sting rebuts with showing footage of Hogan using a chair, saying that he seemed fine right there. Eric Bischoff says its not going to happen, so Sting punches him. Any violence directed towards Eric Bischoff I approve, so thumbs up for that. Sting says that he’ll see Hogan at Bound for Glory and punches Bischoff again.

Karen Jarrett announces Mickie James against Miss Tessmacher, where the winner will face Velvet Sky and the winner will face Winter for the title at Bound for Glory. Karen has words

about Traci’s choice of attire, which Kazarian takes offense of. Yet he didn’t take offense to his wife sleeping with another man to try and get a job. WHAT…SENSE..DOES…THAT…MAKE!

Mickie James defeated Miss Tessmacher.

Ink Inc. have reunited. Good now they can finally get that title shot that they earned back at Lockdown.

Kurt Angle is out, trying to sew some dissension within Fortune and Beer Money, claiming that James Storm has sold out to Immortal. Roode doesn’t believe this and James Storm gets in his face, telling him that if he wants a fight, he has one.

Austin Aries retained the TNA X-Division Championship against Jesse Sorensen.

Christopher Daniels is out, saying that he doesn’t want to fight Bobby Roode, he’s his own man, and he beat AJ Styles. Styles is out, to ask Daniels what his problem is. We have a brawl but security and Kazarian are out to hold both men back. Styles gets kicked in the groin by Daniels.

Kurt Angle battled James Storm to a no contest. There you go.

These were your Impact Wrestling Spoilers for September 22nd 2011, taped on September 13th 2011.

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