Tna Impact Wrestling Spoilers 1/12/12

Welcome to the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for the show after TNA Genesis that took placed on 1/9/12. These matches will first air on January 12st 2012. If you do not want to be spoiled by the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for 1/12/12, then click out right now. Otherwise press on and read the latest set of TNA Impact Wrestling results.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 1/12/12

Jesse Sorenson defeated Zema Ion in a match on Xplosion.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/12/12

Bobby Roode bragged about his victories and Sting made Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode again, thus making anyone who actually bought the Pay

Per View look like extreme idiots…yet again.

Mickie James won a steel cage match with Madison Rayne. Sure why not?

Matt Morgan and Crimson defeated Robbie T and Robbie E. Magnus and Samoa Joe showed up after the match to brawl with Matt Morgan and Crimson, so this feud must continue.

Eric Bischoff is back and he calls out his son. As it turns out someone has been training Garrett. Wonder who that might be, brother.

ODB defeated Winter, with wackiness involving Eric Young and Angelina Love on the outside.

AJ Styles calls Kazarian out for

what happened last week. Daniels gets involved and gets into a scuffle with Styles, with Kazarian trying to play the peacemaker.

James Storm has a few words for Kurt Angle. Sting makes his way out, making yet another return match from the Pay Per View that people purchased. Not many but still. James Storm vs. Kurt Angle for the number one contendership for the title, with the winner facing Roode vs. Hardy.

James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to become the number one contender to the TNA Championship. Interestingly enough, this TV taping is actually making the Pay Per View on Sunday look even more stupid.

Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode battled to a no contest after Bully Ray interfered. Sting apparently announced any cheating on the part of Roode would mean the title goes bye bye. So…yeah.

You can watch TNA Impact Wrestling 1/12/12 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on Spike TV.

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