Tna Impact Wrestling 2/9/12

It is now time for the second TNA Impact Wrestling taping from London. Sting and James Storm takes on the TNA World Champion Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in tag team action. It is also a special Star Wars edition of Impact Wrestling. Let’s not waste any time, let’s go to TNA Impact Wrestling for February 9th 2012.

TNA Impact Wrestling 2/9/12

Video package to open with, with Eric Bischoff is to Darth Vader as Garrett Bischoff is to Luke Skywalker or something along to those lines.

Bully Ray is not too happy about Bobby Roode’s lack of help. Roode is out, to

try and pacify Bully Ray. Sting is out with his cricket bat. You need to understand what a crumpet is to play cricket! Sting will be the special enforcer for the Pay Per View. Simple, effective segment.

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles

It’s Daniels vs. Styles, it is always a solid match. Kazarian is out, as he’ll be facing AJ Styles at Against All Odds. Kazarian is reluctant, but he throws brass knuckles in. Daniels manages to use them on Styles to score the pin.

Eric Bischoff enlists the help of Gunner to take down Hulk Hogan.

Magnus and Samoa Joe are out, with Magnus getting a favorable reaction from his home country. Yet things turned around, when the babyfaces, Matt Morgan and Crimson, punked out the heels, Magnus and Samoa Joe. Which hopefully means that Magnus and Joe are winning the TNA Tag Team Titles this Sunday.

Alex Shelley defeated Douglas Williams and TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries

About as good of a three way pairing as you’re going to get from the X-Division in its current form. Match was pretty good. Alex Shelley puts Aries down with Sliced Bread #2 for the pin. Why I am seeing a Motor City Machine Guns breakup angle and Sabin and Shelley feuding with the title should Shelley win it, in my mind’s eye? It was kind of teased before Shelley got injured last year.

Hulk Hogan arrives with Garrett Bischoff, meeting Sting in the back. The cameras are shut off, so Sting and Hogan could have a chat.

Footage is shown of an attack by the TNA Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim on Tara. These two women will collide this Sunday.

Hulk Hogan is out and after all of these years, he is still beloved, so give him credit for that. Garrett Bischoff on the other hand…not so much. See unless you’re willing to kill yourself for our entertainment like Shane McMahon, then if you’re the son of the guy in a prominent position, you will be hated. Erik Watts did improve after a time, but he still had that

stink on him from early WCW for example. Hogan tries to get the fans to like Garrett Bischoff but he’s fighting a losing battle. Eric Bischoff is out to accuse Hogan of meddling. Gunner vs. Garrett Bischoff at Against All Odds. Heels attack but babyfaces fight back. Hogan holds Eric for a punch from Garrett. Hogan was loved, but this segment was not that great.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are friends for now but in three days, its every man for himself.

Hogan will be in Garrett’s corner this Sunday and Eric Bischoff will be in Gunner’s corner at Against All Odds. ORDER NOW!

Velvet Sky defeated Mickie James

Knockout’s match that kind of fell off the rails. I’ve seen much worse however. Velvet rolls up Mickie James for the pin.

A look at the main event of Against All Odds 2012 with Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray.

Sting and James Storm defeated Bully Ray and TNA Champion Bobby Roode

So this was the match that Sting was hurt with what may in fact be a career ending Achilles tendon injury. Sting, to his credit and because he’s an awesome man, Hall of Fame worthy in fact, managed to gut his way through the match. Roode taps out to the Scorpion Deathlock when Bully Ray ditches him. Solid enough main event.

Why You Should Watch TNA Impact Wrestling 2/9/12

Not as good as last week, but pretty good. London was really rocking. It’s a shame its back to the same old Impact Zone. But such is life.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 2/9/12

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles

Alex Shelley defeated Douglas Williams and TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries in a non title match.

Velvet Sky defeated Mickie James.

Sting and James Storm defeated Bully Ray and TNA Champion Bobby Roode.

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