Tna Impact Wrestling 2/16/12

It is time for the TNA Impact Wrestling report for February 16th 2012. Bobby Roode takes on Jeff Hardy in a no disqualification TNA Championship Match and also James Storm takes on Bully Ray in a number one contenders match. Plus Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants show up. This is your TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 2/16/12.

TNA Impact Wrestling 2/16/12

Bobby Roode is out, to trumpet his victory this past Sunday far and wide, and the cunning nature of it all. Sting is out. He gives Jeff Hardy another shot, because he feels bad and it will be a

no disqualification match with the TNA Champion Bobby Roode. And that match starts right after the break. Brandon Jacobs is also in the crowd. This will become important later.

TNA Champion Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy

Both of these men work together rather well, so they lead to a pretty okay match all things considered, for a match that had to be taped twice. Kurt Angle popped up to attack Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode scored the win. So now Jeff Hardy against Kurt Angle, well Kurt Angle managed to get a pretty good match out of Jeff Hardy before, so miracles do happen.

Bobby Roode is pleased but Sting is not. There will be another number one contenders match later tonight.

Eric Young is backstage for some wackiness. He’s Eric Young, he’s wacky. Wacky, I say.

Sting arranges for Bully Ray and James Storm to meet later tonight in the number one contenders match. Well it does make sense in some way.

An update on Jesse Sorenson, who is regaining more movement after the scare this past Sunday Night. That is rather good to hear some good news for a change in the wrestling business.

Zema Ion and Austin Aries defeated Shannon Moore and Alex Shelley

Zema Ion is the number one contender for the X-Division Title and Austin Aries is the X-Division Champion, so there may be a slight bit of uneasiness Zema Ion snuck in and stole the pin on Alex Shelley. Austin Aries, having such a big ego, is not happy that the spotlight got stolen out right from underneath him. Fine for the time it got.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne patch up the differences I can’t remember them having backstage. Then again, given that this is TNA, they could have pulled some conflict right out of their backsides. Still even if you didn’t read the spoilers, it was some blatant foreshadowing for what is to come.

Madison Rayne won the Knockout’s Battle Royal last eliminating Velvet Sky, also featuring ODB, Angelina Love, Winter, Sarita, Rosita, Tara, Miss Tessmacher, and Mickie James.

The entire Knockout’s division with the obvious exception of the champion Gail Kim is featured tonight. It was about what you’d expect with a battle royal with the Knockout’s. Velvet Sky looked to win but Madison Rayne, in a great heel moment, swooped in and eliminated Velvet Sky. Now we’ve got Madison Rayne against Gail Kim for the TNA Knockout’s Title. Why do I have this feeling that Madison Rayne is going to be cast as a babyface in this feud? Just a hunch. I could

be wrong. I have been before.

James Storm vows to win the number one contendership.

The New TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe talk about their title win and their return match with Crimson and Matt Morgan.

Out comes Ric Flair, Gunner, and Eric Bischoff. Oh and Chelsea, of Desmond Wolfe fame returned. That’s kind of random. They celebrate the destruction of Garrett Bischoff and Eric wishes his son the very best in his future endeavors. Oh no you didn’t. John Laurinaitis is so going to kick your ass for that one Eric Bischoff, stealing his catchphrase. Actually that might be a match that would draw money, a shoot fight between Eric Bischoff and John Laurinaitis.

Bully Ray has some words for James Storm and will become the number one contender.

ODB and Eric Young are in the bathroom. What an apt metaphor. Eric Young plays a song for ODB on a guitar. ODB drags Eric Young up for some non-PG related fun. Wacky, just like Eric Young who is wacky.

James Storm defeated Bully Ray

Pretty good for this one. We set up the obvious James Storm vs. Bobby Roode match for Lockdown, with James Storm picking up the victory with the Last Call.

James Storm celebrates with Brandon Jacobs with some beer and Bully Ray channels the spirit of Bam Bam Bigelow, going after Brandon Jacobs, spitting beer in his face. Brandon Jacobs attacks Bully Ray and we got a fight. The fight is broken up. A pretty fun little bit right here, so thumbs up for TNA.

Sting is out, to make James Storm vs. Bobby Roode at Lockdown official. Roode is not too happy, so he attacks Sting, laying him out. Roode tells Sting that he should have kept out of his business.

Why You Should Watch TNA Impact Wrestling 2/17/12

Two great matches and a pretty fun storyline with Bully Ray, James Storm, and Brandon Jacobs makes this show a win.


TNA Impact Wrestling 2/16/12 Results

TNA Champion Bobby Roode pinned Jeff Hardy

Zema Ion and Austin Aries defeated Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore

Madison Rayne won the Knockout’s Battle Royal last eliminating Velvet Sky, also featuring ODB, Angelina Love, Winter, Sarita, Rosita, Tara, Miss Tessmacher, and Mickie James.

James Storm defeated Bully Ray to become the number one contender for the TNA Championship.

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