Tna Impact Wrestling 12/1/11

Welcome to TNA Impact Wrestling for December 1st 2011, taped from the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida. Today’s feature bout is Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat Match.

TNA Impact Wrestling 12/1/11


Bobby Roode is an evil heel, who also turned on his family, in his quest to keep the TNA Championship.

Sting calls out Bobby Roode. Some back and forth between Sting and Bobby Roode. Sting is in charge but Roode doesn’t respect his authority. Perhaps Roode will respect this match when he is thrown right into the ring with a three way dance against AJ

Styles and Jeff Hardy, later tonight on Impact.

The Knockouts are having a car wash in bikinis. Yep.

Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett brawl with each other backstage after some words. This feud must continue.

Eric Bischoff talks to Bully Ray, about doing something about the situation with his son. Bischoff is none too happy about anything that has happened with his son. I’m not too happy about Bischoff’s continued presence on this show. There is some kind of nefarious dealings going along. He also wants Abyss back in Immortal.

More knockouts washing cars. ODB is going to be in a streetfight with Mickie James later tonight. So there you go.

Devon and D’Angelo Dinero defeated Mexican America and Ink Inc.


So I guess either Jesse Neal is either sticking around after all or is just working for a few more dates. Of course, he could still be leaving, as Jesse Neal gets pinned with a thunderous spinebuster. Devon and the Pope are your winners and get a TNA Tag Team Title Match against Crimson and Matt Morgan. Well that’s not going to be a good match.

Kid Kash and Austin Aries have a back and forth. Kash says that he held the belt longer than anyone else but it is a lie. Both double cross each other and Aries says that Kash won’t get the title shot. The usual fun match with Austin Aries.

Gunner is about ready to get his hands on Garrett Bischoff.

AJ Styles vows victory later on tonight.

Gunner beats up people in the gym, yelling for Garrett Bischoff.

Sting tells Jeff Jarrett that he better not interfere. Jeff Hardy is setting a bad example, says Jarrett. Sting says that Jarrett better not interfere or there will be consequences.

Bully Ray and Scott Steiner talk about freaks and Abyss’s girlfriend. This was quite the segment.

Mickie James pinned ODB in a Streetfight


This was an above average outing from the women but still it was nothing rather special. ODB beats on Mickie throughout this match. She goes for a chair but it proves to be her undoing as Mickie kicks it in her face and scores the pin. Mickie James is going to Final Resolution, the number one contender for the TNA Knockout’s Title.

James Storm cuts a promo. This was

great. He has a concussion but he is still coming for Kurt Angle, eventually. Kurt Angle pops up, challenging James Storm to show up next week.

Women are here, looking for Abyss. Yep.

More with the Roode family, with Roode saying that he could care less about his family.

Robbie E(w/Robbie T) defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA Television Title.


Hey Robbie E vs. the former Robbie V. Eric Young comes out. Daniels attacks Van Dam and Robbie E scores the pin. It was what it was.

The women return from their meeting with Abyss looking rather ragged.

All chaos breaks out with the women washing cars and Gail Kim sprays them with a hose. Yep.

Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy


A rather good main event, with all three men working well. Jeff Jarrett runs out, getting involved in this match, despite Sting ordering him not to. Jeff Hardy gets taken out and Roode gets the pin and the win.

Sting however has the last laugh, as a match is made for Final Resolution. Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett in a Steel Cage Match. If Jeff Jarrett wins, then Hardy is gone from TNA. If Jeff Hardy wins, then he is the number one contender to the TNA World Title. And Karen will be handcuffed to Sting, because apparently a steel cage is not enough to keep her out. And that be the show.

Why You Should Watch Impact Wrestling 12/1/11


The Storm segment was good as was the main event. Rest of the show was quite hit and miss.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 12/1/11


Devon and D’Angelo Dinero defeated Mexican America and Ink Inc.

Mickie James pinned ODB in a Streetfight

Robbie E(w/Robbie T) defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA Television Title.

Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy Complete TNA Impact Wrestling Review Archives

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