Tna Impact 06/04/04 Review

TNA Impact first hit the air waves on Fox Sports Net on June 4th 2004. The brand new show featured a huge fatal four way main event match for the number one contendership to the X-Division Championship featuring Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin, Michael Shane, and AJ Styles. Plus Chris Harris and James Storm, America’s Most Wanted take on Dallas and Kid Kash for the NWA Tag Team Titles.

TNA Impact Wrestling 06/04/04 Results.

We are live from the Impact Zone for the first time. The six sided ring that appeared in TNA for years made it grand debut. The Fox Box

at the top of the screen brought back some rather good memories as well.

Sonjay Dutt, the Amazing Red, and Hector Garza defeated Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, and Eric Young of Team Canada. Impact for the first time was kicked off in style with the X-Division in action. Lots of high impact action to really get the fans into TNA right. Petey Williams showcased the gravity defying marvel that is the Canadian Destroyer. Hector Garza wiped out everyone and corkscrew moonsault scored the pin.

Jeff Jarrett regained the NWA Championship in the King of the Mountain Match.

Abyss destroyed Shark Boy. This was a typical Abyss squash match. Shark Boy tried some offense but Abyss put him down with the Black Hole Slam for the pin.

America’s Most Wanted defeated Dallas and Kid Kash to regain the NWA Tag Team Titles. Hey look, it’s the bane of my existence, Lance Hoyt. This match had a thirty minute time limit and AMW reunited after Chris Harris tried a singles run. Both of these teams had a pretty good

match. Double team attack connected and Chris Harris rolled up Dallas. New NWA Tag Team Champions are crowned.

Dusty Rhodes was out to be as only Dusty Rhodes could. Jeff Jarrett came out and he’s the King of the Mountain. Ron Killings is out to be all like what’s up and beat up Jeff Jarrett. There’s your first championship feud of the FSN area of TNA Impact, Ron Killings against Jeff Jarrett. This segment was a pretty good one.

Shane Douglas interviewed Vince Russo. I cannot think of a more horrifying combination.

AJ Styles defeated Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin, and Michael Shane to become the number one contender for the TNA X-Division Championship. The winner of this match will face the TNA X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian for the title. Kazarian watched as we had some breakneck X-Division action. Styles pulled out the Styles Clash and pinned Michael Shane.

Face to face with Kazarian and AJ Styles ended the show, hype for the championship match on Wednesday Night and both men look ready to go. A solid end concluded the first episode of TNA Impact.

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