Image Editing: Cat On Outer Space (page 1)

The basics of editing an image, by deleting a cat’s original picture background and change it to an outer space background and saved later to a .jpg extension file for future use.

By right clicking on the reference link found at the bottom of the page and open that reference link in a new window for easy learning the basics of editing, erasing the picture background and change it to a different background.

At my reference link top page i put 2 picture images of an Outer Space Background and a Friday-the-13th-BlackCat.

The objective is to delete the background picture at the back

of that black cat and change it to a new outer space background and here’s how to do it…

Depending on what type of Image Editing Software the user may use but I am using the old Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0 just to edit picture images and when it is done, the final editing is to finish it all by using CorelDraw version 12.

Refer to reference link image no. 1 is to open my Adobe Photo Deluxe…

Next step is to open a file Friday-the-13th-blackcat (reference link image no. 2)

Reference link image no. 3 is to seek or find the first spot to aim for deleting of background, magnify the picture for a better control of the edges.

Choose the correct eraser brush icon, not the sharp edge

but choose the smooth edge for a more live effect…
The first mark of deleting refer to reference link image no. 4, hold the Shift Key (don’t release) while keep on clicking (tracing) the edge of that cat.

Reference link image no. 5 shows that the first mark of erasing is a straight white line that travels to the second marking (notice that the fat white line created has smooth edges on both ends)

Click the link to read next page (page 2)

Image Editing: Cat on Outer Space (page 2)

Reference Link:

Continue the point markings to all the edges of the cat’s skin and don’t ever dare to release the Shift Key if the deletion is not finish (reference link image no. 6 and image no. 7)

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Image Editing: Cat On Outer Space (page 2)