Pregnant Teens Linked To Reading Skills

According to study, preteen girls that have below average literacy are more likely to become pregnant in teenage years. On a recent study conducted by the researchers in University of Pennsylvania, they have found have reading skills can predict teenage pregnancy. In the public schools in Philadelphia they have studied more than 12,000 girls in grade 7 and monitored how many of these teens got pregnant during their teenage years.

The results had shown preteen girls with below-average reading skills were more than twice as likely to give birth during teenage years. Also from preteen girls who have below-average reading skills,

21 percent of them have one baby while 3 percent of them have two or more. On the other hand preteens with average reading skills have 12 percent and 1 percent respectively, while those with above-reading skills have 5 and 0.4 percent respectively.

They have also found out that Hispanic and black girls are more likely to have below-average reading skills and the relationship of reading skills can predict

teenage pregnancy is higher in these ethnic groups.

The relationship of reading skills can predict teenage pregnancy is that according to researchers, having below-average reading make preteen girls more likely to drop out of school and will affect their social life throughout their life.

According to author Rosemary Frasso, preteen girls who experienced rejection in the classroom can make them feel like they have little chance of achievement and their lives. 
Literacy about birth control and reproductive health services should also be considered to be given to preteen girls.

The research was presented last October 31 at the American Public Health Association’s annual public health meeting and will be published at the Contraception journal on February 2013. Results of the study will be reviewed further before publishing it in a journal.
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