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More meals, less weight
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According to research, eating frequently and participating in school sports reduces risks of being overweight while video/computer games, sodas, and watching TV increases risks of getting fat and overweight among students. Through the combined efforts of different schools from three different states, they have found a way to improve student’s health through exercise and proper diet while encouraging involvement from students, parents, school staff, and the community as a whole.
The study did commerce through the efforts of Healthy, Energetic, Ready, Outstanding, Enthusiastic Schools (HEROES) program of schools from Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

The study lasted for about 18 months and has included over 5000 students from 11 schools. It was funded by the Welborn Baptist Foundation, an organization located in Indiana. The study aims to improve student’s health through exercise with participation from the community. Also the study was funded to turn down high rates of obesity among children. For that period they have studied the relationship between high soda intake and obesity. It also aimed to support the ban for selling large sodas and sweetened beverages on New York City.

The study resulted on how poor diet and lack of exercise can affect a student’s health and thus result to obesity or being overweight. Also they have found out that schools with little facilities and physical activities have more obese children than those in rich schools. That is because rich schools have the facilities and physical programs for students.

According to Dong-Chul Seo, the author of the study and a professor at the Indiana University, students are encouraged to maintain a meal pattern and eating at least 3 meals a day can help maintain a healthy weight. Not to mention different school sports activities can help improve student’s health through exercise and fight childhood obesity.

The study was presented last November 6, 2012 at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association located in San Franscisco and will be further reviewed before being published in a medical journal.
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