Tips On Creating A Winning Powerpoint Presentation

One of the most commonly used tools for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is used for students in school, whether it be grade school, high school, or even college. Microsoft PowerPoint can be utilized in the business world, to try and sell a product to a company or a business plan to a board of directors. A PowerPoint Presentation can open a lot of doors, if done right. Naturally with anything, there many ways where a PowerPoint Presentation can go wrong. If you lose the people that you are presenting to, then you might as well be given your presentation

to a brick wall.

Steps That You Need to Do For a Successful PowerPoint Presentation.

Do not use too many slides. It is unwise to bombard the people with too much information and they will need to absorb what they are telling you. So how many slides should you use for your power point presentations? Eight to twelve slides, not including introduction and conclusion slides will be something that is sufficient for any power point presentation. Don't go any more than about fourteen PowerPoint however if you must. If you need that many slides, then the presentation is going to be too complex for anyone to follow.

Slides offer bullet points and fragmented sentences. There's no denying that people in general have short attention spans and they do not want to read a ton of information on your Power Point slides. What few words you have should be short and to the point. No

more than about four or five words per bullet point in your power point slides.

Do not read off your slides. The bullet points and the few words that are there are just there for your audience to follow along. Think of the bullet points on the slides like an outline of what they might expect, as you elaborate on each point as you make.

People are visual. Do remember that and use charts, graphs, and pictures when necessary. However do not overload people on the images either. Some PowerPoint presentations will require a few more visual aids but there have been presentations in the past that have overdone this. Sometimes a slide can be a bit too busy and that can happen with too many words or two many visual aids.

Keep the presentation simple and short. You should be able to get most PowerPoint Presentations done in between twenty and thirty minutes, thus leaving enough time for any questions and concerns. Once again, people have short attention spans, so if they are sitting in a presentation for too long, you may lose them and thus all of your hard work preparing the PowerPoint Presentation goes down the drain.

Keep this facts in mind and you too can create a winning PowerPoint Presentation that will sell your audience on what you are creating.

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