Is The Time Right For A Pet?

A pet in their various forms is a joyful thing to have to say the very least. Whether it be dogs, cats, birds, fish, or really any other kind of animal that you can own as a pet, it can add color to a family and really be a bright spot to our lives. However, the sad thing is that not everyone who gets a pet really should get a pet. There are many pets out there that are neglected and either get abandoned or die.

While it is easy to jump to the fact that this is out of malice

and sadism, it is not really that simple. Pets being mistreated are often times the unfortunate victims of people who mean well, but they really get a pet before they are ready. They tend to really jump the gun and get a pet before they are ready. Pets are a huge responsibility and one that many might not be ready for, depending on the type of pet.

There are many things to consider before getting a pet. Here are some of the things before.

Will there be someone around at all times to take care of the pet?

Many times, the house is empty for at least half of the day, leaving the pet to its own devices, alone. The food and water could be filled, but what if that's forgotten? Eight hour days are a long time for a pet to be in the house, with the proper care. In the case of dogs, they will need to be let out to do their business a number of times a day. It is not healthy for a pet to be forced to wait. So much more than there are often times when they got to go, they got to go. Therefore it is not sanitary to say the very least.

Do you have the room for a pet?

Both inside or outside. Low end pets, that are smaller really don't need as much room as your higher end animals. However larger pets will need space to maneuver. No human likes to be cramped and the same could be said for our animal friends. They will become restless and irritable, like any human might when they are confined to an area.

Can you afford a pet?

As any pet owner might tell you, even a routine check up

to the vet is going to cost you a rather healthy chunk of change. And heaven forbidden that something is wrong with our furry little friend. Pets do have things wrong with them and that is a distressful situation. Some people tend to not get the pet the care they need right away, due to lack of funds. Not to mention food can take a chunk out of your budget. If you can barely afford to feed the human members of your family, then it might not be wise to get a pet.

Do you have the patience to deal with a pet?

Animals, much like many people, tend to play by their own rules and that playful little puppy for example can tear up important documents if it is in reach, because they do not understand that is wrong. They have to be trained to do such a thing. Unfortunately, many do not have the patience to train, rather they just yell at the pets. Thus they never learn not to do it, but rather, they just learn not to get caught by their master.

The type of pet you get should be carefully selected.

There are some varieties of animals that really make the different. Some are good with children(if you have them). Some are not quite as good with children. Others require a lot of care, while others can mostly be left up to their own devices. Getting a pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly and the type of pet especially. You need to really consider all options carefully, including whether or not the time is right to get a pet.

Pets really can add a lot to our lives. However, many of them are victims of people who are not malicious, but rather overconfident in their own abilities to care for pets. It is really an unfortunate outcome but one that is all too common. So do consider if you can really handle a pet, before you get a pet.

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