Three Styles Of Writing

Writing is a complex skill with many layers. The methods to write can be vast, and there is no completely right or wrong way to go about the writing process. When you really boil down writing to its most technical level, there are many different approaches that can be taken. What works for one person may not work for another. The writer cannot be afraid to experiment. If they do not experiment, then it would difficult to achieve optimal success. What styles of writing exist?

There are three styles of writing that are commonly used. All of them have to do

with how much planning is done in the various articles. The styles of writing are a freestyle form of writing, a loose outline, and a rather strict outline. All styles have advantages and disadvantages.

Freestyle writing is essentially writing you pretty much do off of the top of your head. This style would essentially be what you may write in a journal or a diary or on a not for profit blog at the most simple form. Yet some articles to topics that come second nature, and you are knowledgeable about can come with a more free and loose form of writing. It is essentially writing off the cuff of your shirt. That does not mean you cannot go back and proofread later. It just means you wrote without a plan or

outline in mind.

A loose outline involves brainstorming a few ideas, and then going out to write about it. There is some research done, but no more than maybe a few hours of it. There are ideas into place that are being written and formulated. There is no strict outline that is being done. Essentially the writer will utilize some plan, but they will not be boxed in. The more strict format will be reserved for the third and final writing style.

A strict outline is essentially where you have every single point micro-managed. There is no wiggle room, the writer just flows from one point to the next. This style of writing can be compared to a checklist of building a room. It is a procedure to be done. There is research involved, but essentially you cannot improvise this type of article. This type of outline would be best done for a term paper for school, if a teacher wants a student to follow a certain criteria.

Are these three forms of writing the only ways to plan out your work? The answer to this question would be absolutely not. However, they are three commonly used writing styles. Which one is the best? Truthfully, what may work best depends on both the circumstances and the writer.

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