Three Big Problems From The Internet.

The Internet is one of the biggest things in the world. There is no stopping it, it has become such a part of our life. There are just many times where it is hard to believe that the Internet has really gotten to the level that it is. It has us many good elements of life, but the Internet really has its share of bad things that come along with it. Here are the three worst things that have been created with the Internet.

While it is obvious that social media has many benefits, there are many drawbacks. It is not

so much the use of social media but rather the misuse and abuse of social media. The Internet and Social Media has caused many people to lose sight of real conversation and also distracts people from responsibilities in life. There are many people also who have their relationships strained. Plus given that people are caviler about what they post and who they open their lives to. This is the abuse of social media in a

Also, the amount of easy crime potential has been a huge drawback. There are many scams and much fraud. While these things have existed in the days before the Internet has become prevalent, it has become something that has increased. There are lot of people who are motivated by greed. There are people who are willing to take advantage of greed to scam people. Also identity theft is a huge problem.

Cyber bullying is a huge problem for many. Words can cut into people deep, even if we tend to try and brush them off. The ability to hide behind a computer without the belief that there will be consequences tends to take bullying to a new and high level. It can be something that could have unfortunate implications all around.

In the end, the Internet has had its great contributions but all greatness has a dark side. The abuse of social media, identity theft and fraud, and cyberbullying is among these.  

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