Ten Amazing Board Games

At one time, before the days where computers and computer games were the standard, we played board games. Chances are many of you still have some board games somewhere, crammed in the deepest, darkest corners of your closest, collecting a great deal of dust. Perhaps there are a number of computer games that you have played, that were once board games. Indeed, chances are, there exists a video or computer game version of many board games. I hope to share with you, the top ten board games of my childhood.

Number Ten...Crossfire.

This game is only included due to the fact that

it had some an awesome commercial. It was thirty seconds of pure win. I think many people got this game purely because of this commercial. So you really know that it is doing its job. I was one of them and I might have only played this game a handful of times. The commercial I could watch over and over again. It is really that transfixing.

Number Nine...Operation.

Here is a game that is proof that you can sell anything to children. I mean a game where you operate on someone. Was fun the few times that I played it. The commercial above should explain the game well enough for those not in the know. There have been many spin offs on Operation. SpongeBob being the most obvious one recently.

Number Eight...Aggravation(aka Wahoo)

I loved this game as a child but it is a rather obscure one. It is perhaps one of the most simple games. It is a game board, marbles that you move, and dice. You need to move all of your marbles into the home space. If you land on an opponent, you aggravate them and start them at the beginning. Proof that something that is so addictive can be relatively simple.

Number Seven...Guess Who.

This rather a game for children at least in theory. Still rather fun for the time and when I was growing up. Its even more fun, when when making some outlandish guesses to narrow down the possible suspects. A great childhood favorite.

Number Six...Connect Four.

This game was so simple, but another one that can be addictive. You had to be smart to win it in a way. However, to win Connect Four, you could not be too smart. Otherwise while blocking one potential path, you could open yourself up to get beaten in two other ways. This game could be played for hours and hours.

Number Five...Scrabble.

A game that tricked you into learning something in a way.

Yet it was fun. Very frustrating when you had a bad hand. You had to have a decent vocabulary to excel in this game.

Number Four...Clue(aka Cluedo)

Another addictive game, but one that I didn't play as much as I would have liked. Still a very crucial game and one that should be included for the sake of completeness.

Number Three...Trouble.

It is fun getting in Trouble, especially with this pop a matic board game. You had dice in a little popper, so there was no rigging of the dice. Much like Aggravation, you got people into trouble by landing on them and sending them back to home.

Number Two...Battleship.

A fun game, that requires to think a little bit. The classic version is always classic but there are many versions of this game. Including an electronic talking version. This is a game of great strategy and a lot of luck. It is an exercise of the mind to find different locations and not go with a pat hand.

And the number one board game ever is.

Number One...Monopoly.

What can one say about Monopoly. It is a game that can really burn a lot of your free time to say the very least. Load up the higher end properties with houses and hotels and you can really destroy a person rather quickly. Unless you get that Chance card where you have to pay a certain percentage for each house and hotels. There were many different spin offs from this classic game. Also need we not forget the game that is played with McDonalds every year. There is never another board game that is more popular than Monopoly.

Here are the top ten board games to pass the time on a rainy day. So why don't you go, dig into your closet, dust off the box, get some friends and family, and play a good old fashioned board game.


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