Tales Of Teen Titans Issue 59 Review

It is now time to reach into the Big Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ for another random Comic Book Review. Today, I’ll be reviewing Tales of the Teen Titans #59, which has two story reprints, one that shows the origins of New Teen Titans from DC Comics Presents #26 in 1978 and a story where the New Teen Titans bust up a drug ring reprinted from the Best of DC #18 in 1979.

Tales of the Teen Titans Issue 59 Review November 1985

First in this two story Tales of the Teen Titans, We have the story entitled “Where Nightmares Begin”

showing the origins of the New Teen Titans, written by Marv Wolfman, with George Perez on pencils, Dick Giordano as Inker, Adrienne Roy on Colors, Ben Oda on Letters, and Lein Wein is the editor.

This story was the origins of the New Teen Titans, from the Wolfman-Perez run that was so beloved by so many comic book fans. Robin is brought by Wonder Girl to join up with the New Teen Titans, featuring Robin, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Kid Flash, and Changeling(formally known as Beast Boy). Of course Robin has only met Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Changeling, so he is utterly and absolutely confused about what is happening.

The team deals with an evil protoplasmic monster that was inadvertently called by Professor Stone, who just happens to be Cyborg’s father. And there are some issues there. Robin wakes up, it appears to be all a dream, but it is no mere dream, as it is a sign by Raven, to

show him a future of the new Teen Titans.

The next reprint is “Reunion” as written by Marv Wolfman, with Carmine Infantino on the Pencils, Romeo Tanghal as the Inker, Adrienne Roy on the colors, Ben Oda as the letter, and Lein Rein as the editors. The Titans try and bust a ring of drug dealers.

Nice and easy story, with two other favorites from the original run of Teen Titans, back when they were merely a team of sidekicks, Aqualad and Speedy. Essentially this obviously has a sound moral about how drugs are bad. Given by Speedy of all people, who should know given his past issues, and this was a supplement of the team. The next reprint is advertised at the end to be the Terror of Trigon and if that is on the pile, that is going to be reviewed.

Advertisements features Oreos and Reese Pieces, and the next issue of the Teen Titans featuring Starfire getting married but not to Nightwing. The scandal!

Overall a pair of rather entertaining and engaging Teen Titan Stories in this reprint, but not something that you should go out of your way to read.

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