Spectacular Spider-man 179 Review

Spectacular Spider-Man Issue 179 is the next comic book on the the pile in the really big comic book box of doom. In this comic book, we delve into the psychological issues of Vermin the Rat Man. Plus, it appears that Harry Osborn is not of the most sound of mind for many reasons and Peter Parker has his own demons. It is all just one messed up barrel of torment and trauma.

Spectacular Spider-Man Issue 179 Review

Spectacular Spider-Man Issue 179 was part of the Child Within Storyline, published by Marvel Comic Books with a cover date of August 1991 and

titled Wounds. This comic book was written by J.M. DeMatteis, penciled and Inked by Sal Buscema, Colored by Bob Sharen, and Lettered by Rick Parker.

There are a lot of messed up things in the world and messed up with people. When you see a lot of characters in comic books, often times, the root of their motivation, their villainy, can rather be resulted by something that has happened in their children. In the case of Vermin the Rat Man, he was abused severely and that has mentally screwed him up. It explains a lot of who he is, a lot of what he does.

For those who have some decent understanding, Harry Osborn has had many problems. Recovering drug addict and a rather strained relationship with his father. And he is in

rather deep, deep denial when you think about it, he has a rather romanticized remembrance of what is his father was. With Spider-Man representing the sane part of his mind oddly enough and Norman Osborn representing the twisted, demented psyche.

Peter Parker, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, has been put through the ringer through many times, before and after this issue was published. I doubt very much at this time, he is going to be all that mentally put together.

This issue is both intriguing and rather depressing, as perhaps these people would not exist in these forms in the real world, but the afflictions that plague them, the demons in their mind, can perhaps cause them to go down the twisted tormented path.

This is not your standard super hero comic book, but rather a twisted, tormented look into the minds, that were always there, but something that the reader did not really want to acknowledge all that much. So take my recommendation as only read this(and likely other issues in this storyline) if you know what you want to get into, but don't expect a fluffy happy time.




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