Six Fun Activities For Child To Do With Parents

Want to be an actual parent and pull your child away from the electronic babysitter? Do you want to take an actual proactive role in child raising? Do you want to do something fun for both your child? If the answer to any of these questions, is “yes”, then I have five great fun activities that will allow you to take a proactive stance to parent and interact with your child during those early years. The years you will regret missing out on as your children get older.

Six Fun Activities That Parents Can Do With Children.


There are many fun

activities to be done and so little time, but here are a list of some fun activities that can be done with your child.

1) Drawing


Children love to draw a lot of the time. Granted, it might not be the most neatly done thing, but in many ways it is art. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder, no question about it. Get out the crayons, the colored pencils, the markers, paint if you are adventurous and don’t mind a bit of a messy. The art you create might not hang in an art gallery but it will make a good conversation piece as it hangs on your refrigerator.


2) Playing a Board Game


Board games help stimulate the minds of children. It also can help them with important skills like counting, shape recognition, and problem solving skills. Also, you never truly know how good you are at a board game, until you play against a child and they humble you. It is a fun experience that will make the hours disappear.


3) Building with Blocks


Blocks are fun for children of all ages from one to one hundred. Again, this is an important stage of a child’s development, as building blocks will help your children recognize shapes. Legos were my personal favorite as a child, but there are many others. And the brand name really does matter little when one is having fun.


4) Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle


The lost art of Jigsaw puzzles is something that is a shame. There are many from the simple to the utterly complex that takes days to complete. It is another fun activity that allows a child to exercise their brain, learn experimental skills, regarding trial and error, and as they narrow down what

the puzzle should look like. One should keep close watch on the pieces, as losing one piece can be frustrating and mind racking.

5) Reading A Book To Your Child


Reading is something that is a joy but a love for reading is something that just be born at a young age. It is essential to get to your children before the schools do as it regards to reading, as there may be resentment towards books given the methods and materials schools use. However, if a love for reading is born at an early age, then your children will be on the path to a more literate life and will actually be a lot better off than those who did not experience the joys of books from their parents. Reading to your children allows them to expand their vocabulary at an early age.


6) Having a Walk Outdoors


Walking is the cheapest form of exercise and heading out to the nearest park or playground with your child is a great way to experience nature. Leave the car parked safely in the driveway and head down carefully. Make sure your child knows the rules of safely crossing streets and keep close watch on them. If you have a family dog, then include them in on the fun, as walking is healthy for dogs as well as humans, so they will enjoy the experience. A nice walk outside when the weather permits is a fun activity for the entire family, whether they have flesh or fur.

There are a number of fun activities to do with your child, and a few are drawing, playing a board game, building with blocks, doing a jigsaw puzzle, reading to your children and going for a walk outdoors.

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