Silver Surfer Warlock Issue 4 Review

The Really Big Comic Book Box of Doom is going to be reached into, with another Random Comic Book being pulled out for a review, with Silver Surfer/Warlock Volume 1 Issue 4. In this issue, Silver Surfer is a puppet of the malicious Mephisto and Adam Warlock, along with The Infinity Watch have to deal with the deadly demon.

Silver Surfer/Warlock Volume 1 Issue 4 Review

Silver Surfer/Warlock Volume 1 Issue 4 was the fourth part of the Resurrection Mini-Series, titled "End Game" released by Marvel Comics, written and penciled by Jim Stradlin, Inked by Terry Austin, Colored by Ian Laughlin,

and lettered by Janice Chlang.

The Silver Surfer is another comic book character that just flew right under my radar as a reader over the years. I've picked up a comic book or two and he's been featured in many other stories and I know enough about him, but really he's just something that did not really inspire me to pick up his comic books.

Now as per the randomness of the comic book box, we pull out the fourth part of a story arc, but I really got right into it well enough. Some of the scenes through this comic book were

well played using a lot of great visuals and really the story was good. Mephisto had a lot of tricks, and when you are more or less Marvel's version of the devil, you don't spend your time on erasing people's marriages or something foolish...yeah I'm just going to move on.

Anyway, you try and tempt the most powerful beings which the Silver Surfer is one. Granted, it is not the matter that he did not succeed. And there are just some great action. Adam Warlock is another one that I run hot and cold with but really he was good in this issue.

So in the end, this issue was pretty decent. Whether or not it would better if I had read all four issues, I cannot say, but you can jump in if you have a decent understanding of certain things from Marvel Comics in general. So this issue did work in its own way.

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