Ring Of Honor Wrestling 5/5/12

Ring of Honor Wrestling is live and in living color May 5th 2012 with a huge main event of the man who will be challenging for the ROH Championship at Border Wars, Kevin Steen taking on the protege of his opponent Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly. Plus, more about the Ring of Honor Pay Per View on May 5th 2012. Let's watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 5/5/12 and run down the results.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Review May 5th 2012

Replace of Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander picking up the win in the Proving Grounds Match against the Briscoe Brothers last week opens

up Ring of Honor this week.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Matt Taven

Ciampa continues to dominant, although this match was a tad too competitive for my liking, for what Ring of Honor I think wanted to accomplish. The Rhino match last week was the only time they did a dominating performance right. With that fact in mind, Ciampa puts his opponent right down with the Project Ciampa to score the pin.


TJ Perkins has an interview about the next match against Mike Mondo and also has some words about the Young Bucks. Mike Mondo cuts a promo about TJ Perkins as well.

Mike Mondo defeated TJ Perkins

This was not a blow away match but still a solid match for this show. Mondo might not be what you would think would fit in Ring of Honor but that actually might be the point. Back and forth action, with Mondo catching Perkins, hooking him and bringing him down hard with a vicious Double Underhook DDT. Another

win for Mike Mondo on Ring of Honor Wrestling.


It is now time for Inside Ring of Honor. The Briscoe Brothers and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team have words. Roderick Strong will have a match with Fit Finlay, which should be entertaining as Strong should get an epic beating. Eddie Edwards against Rhino is hyped up. Mike Bennett is not happy with facing Lance Storm in Canada.

Kyle O'Reilly talks about his match with Kevin Steen and the main event is up next.

Kevin Steen defeated Kyle O'Reilly

Jimmy Jacobs is out with Kevin Steen and he factors right into the match, sort of distracting O'Reilly, allowing Kevin Steen to pick up the win. This was a solid match, all on Steen for the most part. After the match, Davey Richards comes out and we have a brawl between Steen and Richards. They are pulled apart.

Davey Richards cuts a promo, promising pain for Kevin Steen. And that is where we end. Overall, not a bad show but it wasn't that great to be honest with you. Border Wars should be promising.

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