Ring Of Honor Wrestling 3/17/12

Welcome to your Ring of Honor Wrestling Review for March 17th 2012. We’ve got our first qualifier for the March Mayhem Match, with the ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal taking on Roderick Strong. Ring of Honor is getting rolling towards the ROH Showdown in the Sun Double Shot on Wrestlemania weekend and it is time for us to get rolling to recap all of the highlights for ROH Wrestling 3/17/12 Ring of Honor Wrestling 3/17/12 Recap of the 10th Anniversary Show, with Adam Cole scoring the pin over Davey Richards. Then Adam Cole has a few words for his next match.
Cole will never forget his win over Davey Richards. He also is going to make Kyle O’Reilly respect him one way or another. Adam Cole defeated Chris Silvio Pretty much a showcase match for Adam Cole, showing off his moves. Could he be one of the next big ROH stars of 2012? Well he does look better than most of the people Ring of Honor have at the main event level right now, I’ll give him that. Cole scores the pin with the German Suplex. After the match, Kyle O’Reilly against Adam Cole is set up for Showdown in the Sun Weekend. Recap of Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs from the 10th anniversary show, leading to Kevin Steen coming down to the ring, with a tennis racket featuring a picture of the ROH Champion Davey Richards. Steen sees some irony in Blind Destiny, because Cornette is blind. Here comes Cornette to make El Generico against Kevin Steen for Night One of Showdown in the Sun. The Package Piledriver is still banned but Steen
seems unfazed about that. We have some words on Inside Ring of Honor. Lance Storm says he’s ready for the match with Mike Bennett and Bennett doesn’t understand honor. Davey Richards talks about what he has to go through to be Ring of Honor Championship. The Briscoe Brothers talk some trash about Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team do the same about them. We now have March Mayhem, eight wrestlers, four qualifying matches into a Fatal Four Way Match, and $24,000 as the prize. Jay Lethal defeated Roderick Strong First match in the March Mayhem Tournament and we have a good one right here tonight. For some reason, people that I’m normally cold on in Ring of Honor, look much better when they are wrestling Jay Lethal. First Davey Richards and now Roderick Strong. Back and forth match, a bit more structured that your usual ROH main event fare. Michael Elgin botches getting involved and Lethal rolls up Strong with the pin. At the rate we’re going, the March Mayhem finals will be in April but it’s the thought that counts. Lethal vs. Strong, the Steen promo, and the Briscoe Brothers bit on Inside Ring of Honor were good stuff and reasons why you should watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 3/17/12. Seems like we have a pattern. Ring of Honor Wrestling 3/17/12 Results Adam Cole defeated Chris Silvio Jay Lethal defeated Roderick Strong in the March Mayhem Qualifier. Past Ring of Honor Wrestling Report.

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