Ring Of Honor Wrestling 2/25/12

It is that time of the week once again, to take a look at the weekly Ring of Honor Wrestling Show. This is your Ring of Honor Wrestling Report for February 25th 2012. Today’s show is highlighted with the Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal receiving a shot at the Ring of Honor Championship against Davey Richards. Let’s not waste any time, to review Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/25/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/25/12

A recap is shown with the events of last week’s Ring of Honor broadcast involving the Briscoe Brothers and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, as things are heating
up. Tonight, the Briscoe Brothers will no doubt have words. But they must not look past these two young men, Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks. They want the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles and tonight they will use Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander as that all important stepping stone for the ROH Tag Team Championship. Coleman and Alexander are hungry for a victory tonight. The Young Bucks defeated Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander The Bucks show what disrespectful snots they are, breaking the Code of Honor by not shaking hands, instead shaking hands with each other. There is really no better place for tag team action on American television than Ring of Honor. Coleman and Alexander just seem to be that team that is on the cusp but they don’t break through. Coleman and Alexander do give the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship number one contenders their fair share of tension moments but More Bang for Your Buck gets the win. Tommasso Ciampa and the Rest of the Embassy are standing by backstage. It doesn’t matter how many titles Jay Lethal has, Ciampa will have them all. He is still undefeated for those of you playing at home. The Briscoe Brothers are out to be interviewed, to talk some trash about the Young Bucks. Their not too happy about Truth Martini issuing a Stop Payment on the check either as they have some chicken farmin’ plans. They will beat the money out of Martini. And when they face Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team on Wrestlemania Weekend, they better expect a fight. The usual great promo from the champions. Jimmy

Jacobs and Kevin Steen is highlighted on Inside Ring of Honor. It will be a bloody battle next Sunday Night, March 4th, when those two men collide. The All Night Express vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team is set up. Rhett Titus is coming back rather early from his injury, which never tends to work out well but they are ready. Next week, Roderick Strong against Eddie Edwards, two men who know each other rather well, with a Ring of Honor title shot on the line. Strong vows to regain the championship. Eddie Edwards has some words, saying that if Davey Richards is looking past Jay Lethal to March 4th with Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole against Richards and Kyle O’Reilly then he could be making a huge mistake. O’Reilly is a liability and Adam Cole will be an asset when Eddie Edwards takes on Roderick Strong next week. Davey Richards retained the Ring of Honor Championship against Jay Lethal This was likely one of the better Davey Richards matches you’ll ever see, as Jay Lethal is awesome and TNA really missed the boat on him. There was some chaos at ringside, involving the House of Truth, Eddie Edwards, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole, a bit too much going on at ringside, but I’m not going to hold it against the wrestlers in the ring. Jay Lethal got some close falls over Davey Richards but the distraction allowed Richards to pick up the win. Richards and Lethal shake hands. Good effort from these two men to close out this week’s Ring of Honor and an amazing wrestling battle. Why You Should Watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/25/12 Two solid matches and some solid promos make this show a win. The 10th Anniversary Show on March 4th will hopefully be a good show. Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/25/12 Results The Young Bucks defeated Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman Davey Richards kept the Ring of Honor Championship over Jay Lethal Past Ring of Honor Television Reports http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/roh-wrestling-reports.html

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