Ring Of Honor Wrestling 2/18/12

Welcome to the Ring of Honor Wrestling Report for February 18th 2012. On this week’s Ring of Honor Wrestling, the war between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the Briscoe Brothers continues, with one on one action between Charlie Haas and Mark Briscoe, as Shelton Benjamin has been suspended for refusing to pay his fine and Jay Briscoe will be handcuffed to the ringpost. Plus the new tag team of Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole hit the ring in tag team action, to prepare for battle at the Ring of Honor 10th Anniversary Show on March 4th 2012 against Kyle O’Reilly

and Davey Richards and Kevin Steen makes his return to the ring on ROH television. Let’s not waste any time, let’s recap Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/18/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/18/12

Recap of last week and the circumstances setting up Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards against Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards at the 10th Anniversary Show.

The Young Bucks against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team was supposed to be for tonight but Shelton Benjamin neglected to pay his fine, so the match is off. Charlie Haas is here however and he calls out the Briscoe Brothers. Ask and you shall receive. Jim Cornette is out and we have our main event tonight of Mark Briscoe against Charlie Haas with Jay Briscoe handcuffed to the ringpost.

“Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen defeated Andy Ridge

Steve Corino joins us on commentary for this match. Kevin Steen utterly obliterates Ridge, finishing him off with a massive power bomb and a thunderous F-5. A good win for the man who should in all theory be the next ROH Champion. Steen goes to hit the evil Package Piledriver, but Jimmy Jacobs rushes out. Jacobs looks to want a piece of Kevin Steen but not tonight. I think that ROH should strike while the iron is hot with Kevin Steen but they’ve had a bad habit in the past of waiting to put the belt on people soon enough. Tyler Black comes to mind.

Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards are no longer friends with their former tag team partners. How anyone could like Davey Richards is beyond me, he just comes across as so soulless and devoid of any life in the ring or on the microphone. His matches from a technical standpoint are fine, I guess, but they just frustrate me because it’s too much with too little context.

Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards defeated Matt Taven and Mike Mondo

ROH and TNA made the same bone headed mistake in hindsight, with the breakup of the American Wolves vs. the breakup of Beer Money, where they gave the least interesting half of the tag team the title for a longer period of time. Although Bobby Roode

is far superior to Davey Richards in the ring. I’m just saying. Solid tag team match all things considered. Swift Cross Armred German Suplex scores the pin. Mike Mondo turns on his partner after the match. Sure, why not?

The Briscoe Brothers might have stolen the checks last week, but Truth Martini has issued a stop payment on checks. Okay that was funny. March 4th we have the Briscoe Brothers defending against the Young Bucks which will be all sorts of fun. Then we have Jay Lethal against Tommasso Ciampa, the undefeated member of the Embassy for the Ring of Honor Television Title on March 4th, but Lethal could very well be going into that match as the Ring of Honor Champion as he challenges Davey Richards next week. What will happen? Only those who have read the spoilers know. Ciampa and RD Evans have words, with Ciampa promising to walk out of the 10th Anniversary Show as the new Ring of Honor Television Champion.

Mark Briscoe defeated Charlie Haas

Jay Briscoe as per prematch stipulation finds himself handcuffed to the ringpost. A pretty rocking little main event encounter between two halves of top of the top tag teams in Ring of Honor Wrestling. Charlie Haas tries to go for the Angle Slam but Mark slips out with the roll up. Haas goes nuts afterward, laying out Mark, stealing the handcuff key to mock Jay with it and then nails Mark Briscoe with another vicious and vile unprotected chairshot to the head. Charlie Haas drops down $10,000, to cover his fine and Shelton’s. Must be nice to have that kind of money.

Next week, the Ring of Honor Championship will be on the line, when Davey Richards takes on Jay Lethal. Don’t you dare miss it.

Why You Should Watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/18/12

Mark Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas and Kevin Steen. The Briscoes and Kevin Steen being the highlight as they are every week.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results 2/18/12

Kevin Steen defeated Andy Ridge

Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards defeated Matt Taven and Mike Mondo

Mark Briscoe defeated Charlie Haas

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