Ring Of Honor Wrestling 2/11/12

Welcome to Ring of Honor Wrestling for February 11th 2012, where this week, the House of Truth squares off with the Briscoe Brothers, with five thousand dollars cash on the line. Let’s not waste any time, time to review all of the highlights for Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/11/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/11/12

Kyle O’Reilly suggests that there is some professional jealously on the part of Eddie Edwards, given some comments that he made about Davey Richards and O’Reilly. Eddie Edwards has no problem with Kyle O’Reilly, but he thinks that he’s following Richards like a sheep and Edwards does have

a bit of a problem with O’Reilly following Davey Richards.

Eddie Edwards defeated Kyle O’Reilly

I think that I did enjoy this match a bit more than the match between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards at the previous Pay Per View. Wrestlers who wrestle that utterly serious style are not my cup of tea, like they are wrestling in a vacuum. There is a happy medium, and I think that there are times where going towards the rather serious style and also the clown show style, can be bad for different ways. Match as it was, was passable enough, Eddie Edwards scores the pin.

After the match, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo, with Adam Cole as his new tag team partner and they’re going to face off against Team Ambition of Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly in the future.

Steve Corino stops by for some commentary, saying that he’s recovering but it is mostly slow going.

Mike Mondo battled Mike Taven

You remember those WCW matches, where they had something like El Dandy versus Mike Enos and you were just waiting for Sid to come out and destroy everyone. Well, this just had that feel, as Kevin Steen made his way down to the ring after a token match. Steen teases not

attacking, then does attack, laying both men out. Steve Corino goes to fight Steen but he is held back.

Recap of the recent issues between the Briscoe Brothers and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team this week on Inside Ring of Honor. Haas paid a fine but Benjamin didn’t. Both teams have some words.

The House of Truth defeated the Briscoe Brothers via disqualification

Fairly decent enough tag team match, but finish tended to really be a bit screwy. Of course it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was not on the same show with Kevin Steen attacking. Jay Brisco decides to attack with a baseball bat, for the disqualification. Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin appear to take the 5 grand but then the Briscoes steal the checks. I’m not sure how far five grand will get you in this day and age but the thought was there.

Why You Should Watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 2/11/2

The storylines involving the Briscoe Brothers and Kevin Steen continues to be a highlight.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results

Eddie Edwards defeated Kyle O’Reilly

Matt Taven and Mike Mondo never finished when Kevin Steen beat them both up.

The House of Truth defeated the Briscoe Brothers via disqualification.

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