Ring Of Honor Wrestling 05/12/12

It is now time to run down this week's episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling for May 12th 2012. "The Man Beast" Rhino enters the Proving Ground to take on the Ring of Honor Champion Davey Richards. Plus CHIKARA will be spotlighted in a trios match. Let's run down the results and watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 5/12/12

Ring of Honor Wrestling Review 5/12/12

This goes without saying that this show as it is, is very much an afterthought based on the Border Wars show that aired on Saturday Night. Granted most of the people had trouble seeing that one but really

there you go. That is then, this is Ring of Honor Wrestling on local Sinclair Broadcasting affiliates across the nation.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin defeated D-Line of Body Snatcher and Black Ice

Very much a showcase for Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team on this show. D-Line was perfectly acceptable in the ring for what they are but Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team were just there. Haas of Pain gets the win, with Haas rather punishing Body Snatcher for the win. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, score the win on Ring of Honor Wrestling.

The Colony of Green Ant, Soldier Ant, and Fire Ant defeated Los Ice Creams of El Hijo Del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr and Ophiadian

It's CHIKARA time on Ring of Honor Wrestling this week. This was a rather fun six man tag team match, really one of the better matches on ROH television in a while from the pure glorious wrestling stand point. Then again only a complete numskull would screw up a six man tag team match. The

Colony wins this match with the Anthill.

Jay Lethal picked up the win over Ricky Reyes

Former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion from 2004 steps right into the ring against Jay Lethal tonight. Match served its purpose, putting over Lethal, who scores the pin with the Lethal Combination.

Davey Richards chats about his Proving Ground Match with Rhino.

Inside Ring of Honor spotlights some matches next week, with Eddie Edwards taking on Mike Bennett and one final showdown between the All Night Express and the Young Bucks. That sounds like a winner of a show.

Rhino cuts an intense promo, which served its purpose, promising to take down Davey Richards tonight.

Davey Richards picked up the win over Rhino

It's Davey Richards, you get about what you expect with him right in the ring but I think this was a finisher as it really showcased that Rhino was not your average opponent, someone who could cut down Davey Richards easily. Sunset Flip counters the Gore for the pin. After the fact, the House of Truth tries to put a beating on Davey Richards but Jay Lethal makes the save.

Filler show aside, this week's ROH wasn't too bad.

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