Reasons Why Marriages End In Divorce

The marriage day can be the greatest day of their life for many people out there. However, what tends to be a storybook wedding can turn right into a horrific nightmare for some couples, thus divorce is inevitable. There are many reasons why divorce can happen.

Reasons Why Divorce Occurs

There is a time and a place for marriage first of all, and of course, if one party is not maturely ready, then the marriage already starts on shaky ground. You should never think that you can "change your partner" when you are married, because that never really ends well. Trying to

mold someone into your perfect partner even though they are not that way before marriage can work.

Being in love with the status of being married as opposed to the person that you are marrying is another reason why divorce happens. Some people rather like to say that they are married, but it is a rather shallow commitment and really just unfair to both parties.

A wandering eye on one party can lead to problems as well. Those who cannot remain committed often do not last nine times out of ten for marriages, unless there are circumstances like children and even then that is a fix much like duct tape that barely keeps the marriage together.

On another note, jealousy is something that can lead to divorce. It is one thing to see evidence of your

partner cheating on you which is reason for agitation. However, to be jealous of your partner interacting with others and not with you, even if there is nothing more to it than just being friends, that is really something that will lead to trouble. Trust is the corner stone of any strong marriage.

Financial difficulties can also lead to a divorce or at the very least put a rather strong strain on any marriage. Many married couples fight over finances, so should one or both parties lose their jobs, that is going to be a strain. The way that economy is, the divorce rate going up should be no surprise.

Finally, some marriages just do not work due to people being pulled in different directions. People do change and sadly there are times where they change too much. And it is not for a lack of trying to make the marriage work sometimes, but just at times, there is no working.

It is sad when any marriage ends in divorce, but it tends to be inevitable for the reasons stated above and more.

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