Nothing On Facebook Is Private

A person would have to have been living in a cave without any access to the outside world to not at least have heard of Facebook. Since 2004, the social media website has been growing steadily, until it has exploded into the household name that it is today. At the end of 2011, over 845 active users have signed up with Facebook. Much information is shared by people on Facebook. Needless to say, this is not a good practice to recklessly just post or share anything over Facebook.

Sharing on Facebook Can Open A Personal Door

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is

not private. You can set your profile as private as a courtesy but back doors to even the most private channel can and will exist. It just depends whether or not someone is willing to access those back doors. Not to mention that it is only private to people who are not your Facebook friends.

What if a friendship goes sour? Only another person's moral code is stopping them from sharing the information that is private to them. Needless to say, that may be a flimsy element to rely on. You might talk about how you pulled one over your spouse, thinking that you were working over for example, when you were at the bar with friends or something. Sure there is no need, your spouse will never find out, they are not computer savvy, they are not on Facebook, you are safe.

That is until someone who does know your spouse fills them in.

The fact of the matter is, Facebook is not some private hang out, it is a very public forum. Do you boast of your misdeeds in a public place. No, unless you are not one of the smarter people out there. You keep them under your hat. If you are smart, you don't tell anyone. Sadly, vanity is something that befalls many and they cannot keep their mouths shut.

There have

been many instances where people could have gotten away with the perfect crime. They covered their tracks, the police are baffled. Yet they post evidence of their misdeeds, what they may have stolen right on Facebook. They cannot help themselves. They think it is private but it is really far from private.

A little word to the wise, your country's government is likely monitoring pretty much every line of communication you have that is broadcast out whether they tell you are not. Granted a good ninety five percent of it, they just skim, like a high school literature reading assignment, but you don't want to be within something that triggers them to pay attention to the five percent of what they are doing. It is an open secret, every knows it, but it is not officially acknowledged.

Facebook is far from private. Anything that you post anywhere on the Internet, is there for the consumption of many people. The only thing that is safe is your own thoughts that are never spoken and one may say to enjoy that while it lasts. There will come a day where a device will be invented where you can hack into the mind of another human being. It may be a long time coming but that day will come.

In the end, mind what you say online. Once it is said, it cannot be taken back. And do yourself a favor and do not post on any social media when the alcohol is flowing freely. Also do not try and backtrack to say that your Facebook account has been hacked, because not one single person believes that excuse anymore.

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