Never Ending Evolution Versus Creationism Debates

Debates on Evolution versus Creationism may soon be over, with evolution being the undisputed winner. Highly unlikely as it may turn out but obviously the fact remains that the people who deny evolution exists will be put to bed for good, as we have evolved essentially from ape like creatures who could not even walk upright. Recent discoveries by a man named Richard Leakey has lead him to believe that there will no doubt that we evolved.

Those who know the game, know that this is just another round of the never ending debate of creationism versus evolution, and this one

might be just as ugly as all previous debates have been.

Science has already told us this much in the past, for those who believe it. I doubt very much that any more proof will sway those who believe that we were created by God and any other beings. This debate has gone on for years and years and years, and no matter how much hard facts you will shove, even if the proof is so hard that it is impossible to dispute it, the debate of evolution versus creationism will continue to go on for years and years.

People will get uptight when any beliefs, whether it be on a scientific or religious nature. In the end, people will what they want to believe. There are countless religions out there, even beyond what is considered to be known. Some have a system beliefs that is rather plausible and make sense, and others are way out there. All religions that have ever been or ever will be

invented have holes.

As does the entire debate of what we as humans have evolved from.

That is beside the point however. There is no ultimate one hundred percent supreme truth that has all of the answers. What religion you follow should matter to only one person and that person is you. If you are going to work hard to convert these people, it's obvious that these people aren't going to be completely one hundred percent believers of your religion anyway.

Those are not the type of people who you want. They don't have faith.

The evolutionary question will continue to go on for years and years but in the end, it is a circular argument. There will be people who will believe in God, who will just stick their heads in the sand and deny everything. Just the same as there will be people who choose not to believe in God for whatever reason, will continue not to believe in, no matter how hard of a sell you give them of their religion of choice.

This debate will rage on for as long as people exists. Scientific proof means little to those who have faith about as much as people who disbelieve religion because there is no hard proof to back it up. Creationism versus evolution, the world may never know.

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