The Money Dependency Problem

There is one simple, but harsh truth that exists across many nations and many cultures. There is a need to make money. In all of human history, no one has ever figured out how to shake the dependency we have had for money. People have bemoaned the fact that there are a lot of greedy people out there. It is something that is rather rang true. All one needs to do is flip on the news, or read up on the latest schemes in the business world.

However, greed is just something that is ingrained into humanity by many societies. We

have it pounded into our heads that we have to make money. Some people go about fulfilling that need in a rational way, but others go to obsessive manners, where they derail everything. The obsessive group grows with each passing year, as the rational group shrinks. All over the dependency many had acquired over money.

The word dependency indicates a drug. Something that we feel a psychological need for. Does that sound like money? In a way it does, but that need has been cultivated by many societies. If people do not have money, they will not be able to acquire the essentials of life. That is unless they steal them, which really just loops back to the original problem stated of money being a dependency.

Money is something we need. It's not something we want, but it's something we need. I'm sure if many of us had a choice, we would just be rid of the entire money system. The problem is, we don't have a choice. We are caught in a never ending loop of needing to make money. Even if we strip down to the barest essentials, we still have to buy something. Therefore,

we are still slaves to the almighty dollar. We are still dependent on money.

Does that sound cynical? Of course, it is a very cynical attitude to take. Is that a realistic belief? Yes it is. Let's face it, nature of the beast is we need money to live. Changes in the global economy have indicated that more money is needed now than ever before. The problem is that no one is willing to drum up the funds. Companies can pick and choose who they employ now more than ever. If someone squawks about how something is unfair, then there is an entire line of employees as far as the eye can see to replace them.

We live in a dog eat dog world. It has been like this for many generations, this is not exactly a new thing in 2012. It just seems much worse because this is the time we live in. This present era will be a rather interesting one to look back to in about twenty or thirty years down the line. All of the greed, all of the corruption, all of the heartache, all because of the almighty dollar.

Of course, money does make the world go around. It just is a question of how well that world works on the axis made out of the green. Just stop and think how many of our decisions daily are motivated by money in some way. The truth will shock and surprise you, and perhaps even disgust you. Especially when you consider there is truthfully no way to avoid it, without a severe amount of education that is highly unlikely to happen.

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