Money In The Bank 2011

Welcome to the report for WWE Money in the Bank 2011. After last month's WWE Pay Per View, entitled Capitol Punishment which was considered a lackluster show by many fans, WWE has been kicking things up a notch. CM Punk's now infamous promo on the 6/27/11 WWE RAW has gotten the WWE Universe buzzing and this past Monday on 7/11/11 he followed up with another amazing performance. Back on 7/4/11 RAW, John Cena was told that if Punk leaves Chicago with the WWE Championship, he would be fired. This leads to John Cena against CM Punk for the WWE Championship

tonight at WWE Money in the Bank 2011, the one that the WWE Universe has been waiting for. Also, Randy Orton puts his World Heavyweight Title on the line one more time against Christian and RAW and Smackdown will have Money in the Bank matches. The Money in the Bank match has a storied history but right now let's take a look at the latest chapter.

WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Results

WWE Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match, featuring Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Wade Barrett, which was won by Daniel Bryan!

A great opening match, with a lot of insanity. Figures that they'd kick off the show with one and this does not disappoinment. Justin Gabriel pulls out an insane 450 Splash off of the ladder at one point during this match. Really too much to describe, its kind of hard to do a bad Money in the Bank Match. It came down to Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan, with Daniel Bryan fighting off Wade Barrett and grabbing the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase for the win. Daniel Bryan has won Money in the Bank and that's kind of a surprise but a good one. Yay Daniel Bryan!

Kelly Kelly pinned Brie Bella to retain the WWE Diva's Championship

Well we needed to take a breather after that great Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Not too bad, not too good just there. Kelly Kelly goes for the K2 but Brie counters into a backstage for a two count. Second attempt at the K2 gets the pin.

Mark Henry defeated the Big Show

If they wanted to get Mark Henry over as a monster, they did a pretty good job right here. Mark Henry and Big Show had a pretty decent power match, with Henry working over the knee of the Big Show. The Big Show makes a brief comeback, beating on Mark Henry but Henry delivers the World's Strongest Slam. Show manages to kick out. Then Mark Henry hits another World's Strongest Slam and two splashes to score the pin.

The fun has just become as Mark Henry takes a chair right to the Big Show's ankle, battering it severely. The Big Show is in pain and he is carried out.

Vince McMahon is backstage. He claims that CM Punk will not be leaving with the title tonight, as he has not re-signed with the company.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for RAW featuring Alberto Del Rio, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, and the Miz, won by Alberto Del Rio(but you already knew that!)

Another rocking Money in the Bank match. This is on tap to be one of the better Pay Per Views of the year. Its hard to say whether the RAW or Smackdown versions of this match were exactly better. A very good match. The result was predictable for months although to be honest, there was a lot of people on the Internet who was second guessing Alberto winning,

which kind of swung his winning back into being unpredictable. One of the highlights of this match was Rey hitting a sunset flip power bomb taking out the Miz. Then Alberto Del Rio unmasked Rey at the top of his ladder. Rey covered his face, which anyone can see by doing a Google image search of Rey Mysterio unmasked from the year and a half or so they he didn't wear his match in WCW, and Alberto gets the win. But you already knew that. And yes this is the last time I'll make that joke.

Alberto Del Rio talks about how he shouldn't have been in Money in the Bank and its his destiny to be WWE Champion.

Christian defeated Randy Orton via disqualification to win the World Heavyweight Title.

A solid match up until the finish, which I absolutely loathed. Still the first twelve minutes of this match was rather good, one that you should see. Randy Orton is slowly losing his mind until he finally loses it and kicks Christian right below the belt for the disqualification. As per the prematch stipulations, Christian is the World Heavyweight Champion. Remember when Abyss won the title from Sting in that TNA Pay Per View by a disqualification and everyone hated it. Well WWE doesn't get a pass because their not TNA with me, so I don't like this at all.

Now on the other hand, the post match really ruled. Orton used a monitor to smash in Christian's head. Then two RKOs on the table which does not break whatsoever. Christian is left lying and Randy Orton is absolutely psychotic. Good match, bad finish, good aftermath.

CM Punk pinned John Cena to win the WWE Championship with the GTS.

CM Punk is like a god in Chicago, he gets a pretty good reaction. Colt Cabana is at ringside. An amazing match, go see it, maybe one of the better WWE matches of the year. CM Punk matchhed John Cena through sheer will power and fighting spirit throughout this match. STF reversed into the Anaconda vice was insane. Punk kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment was insane. Punk kicking out of a second Attitude Adjustment and the fans lost their collective minds. Top Rope Attitude Adjustment is reversed into a Super Huracanrana by Punk. Punk follows that up, its time to Go to Sleep. Out comes Vince McMahon and John Laurinitis. STF and Montreal Finish may appear to be a second away, but Cena breaks the hold and foils their dastardly plans. Cena yells at Vince and Punk takes advantage of the distraction to hit the GTS on John Cena and score the pin. Ladies and Gentlemen CM Punk is your new WWE Champion. An amazing match.

And here comes Alberto Del Rio but Punk levels Del Rio with a kick and escapes before he can properly cash in on the Money in the Bank. Punk is in the sea of humanity, with the WWE Championship held over his head in supreme victory. Vince McMahon is angry. CM Punk leaves with the championship.

They actually did it.

Oh, my God.

Thoughts on the Show: Epic.

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