Mighty Thor 384 Review

The Mighty Thor Volume 1 Issue 384 from October 1987 is the next issue to be pulled out of the Really Big Comic Book Box of Doom. In this issue, the Cult of Thor awaits for the return of the one and only Thor, to feel them from oppression. However, Loki is going to do pretty much everything in his power to prevent that from happening.

The Mighty Thor Volume 1 Issue 384 October 1987 Review

The Mighty Thor Volume 1 Issue 384 was written by Marvel Comics in October 1987, titled "Who Shall Be Worthy". The Mighty Thor Issue 384 was

written by Tom DeFalco, Pencilled by Ron Frenz, Inked by Brett Beeding, Lettered by Diane Albers, and colored by Max Scheele.

Only those who are worthy, shall wield the power of Thor. That is really the overaching storyline throughout this issue. The power of Thor is just something that is the underlaying story in this issue. The one who can lift the Thor's hammer, Mjolnir will be the person who absolutely has the complete and utter power of the God of Thunder.

However, there is one individual who has a vested interest in not seeing the power of Thor fall anywhere. That being the malicious God of Mischief known as Loki. Loki has a few tricks up his sleeve, to wipe

out the Cult of Thor.

Overall this issue was nicely paced and really not too bad at all. I enjoyed a great deal about this issue and it just flowed nicely. The element I liked most for the Mighty Thor 364 is you pretty much could pick this issue up and not be too lost. I'll say that is one of the sticking points for many issues of comics for many readers.

And the fact that the person who got a hold of the hammer of Thor, they were an interesting character. Dargo, is having the power trusted upon him, he'll be the hero but he is not that interested in that. Still that is the mark of being a hero, not to do something for the adoration or the worship but rather because it is the right thing to do.

Overall, a solid issue of the Mighty Thor and one to pick up for your collection should you run across it, for a fun and engaging read. Most certainly I did not feel as if my time was wasted from this effort from Marvel.



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