Measuring Your Typing Skills

In this day and age, having moderately good typing skills is essential. Not just for writers, but for the average person on the street. Many jobs require you to spend a great deal of time with a computer, so if you are one of the people who hunt and peck or need to look at the keyboard, chances are you may find your employment opportunities slightly more limited. There are jobs that require you to be able to type so many words per minute, with obviously the more writing heavy jobs featuring one hundred words a minute. How good of

a typist are you ready?

In the past fifteen or so years, people learned to type in school rather quickly. Those who had gone to school before computers become common place, were a bit less lucky. Granted for a while they were okay, but as computers and the need for proper typing skills took over the work place, they needed to learn. It is much more difficult to teach a person who is much older a new skill, then for a child to learn it after all.

Still people take timed typing test and boasts about how many words per minute. However, a hundred words a minute on a timed typing test does not make you a master typist. It just makes you an expert at mastering the timed typing test. Granted those who type faster on these tests are generally towards the higher end

but not always.

Still if you were given a keyboard, that all of the keys worked, but there were no writing on the keys to indicate what letters they were, could you type at an optimal level without being thrown off?

Could you type quickly as someone who speaks at a rather brisk speed dictates something for you to type? Without any errors?

Could you still be a good typist, blocking out the office chatter and all of the distractions right around you?

Could you still type well if the keyboard was a split model? Or raised off of the desk slightly? Or the keys were a different texture? Or even if you had to type while standing up?

There are many variables that indicate being a good typists. A timed typing test would be a foundation but not the only thing. Anyone with enough practice could really do good on one of those timed typing tests. It is just like countless people who pass the driver's education test with flying colors and then get in a car into the real world and crash.

The same thing occurs with typing, although with less fatal implications. You never know how good you are behind that computer keyboard until you have been truly tested. 

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