Marvel Adventures Superheroes 1 Review

Now for something a bit on the lighter side of the comic book spectrum, we reach into the Really Big Comic Book Box of Doom and pull out Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Volume 1 Issue 1 titled "Best in Show". In this comic book, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Hulk are tasked with dog sitting for the pet dog of Hercules. This is part of the All Ages Marvel Line, geared primarily for younger comic book readers.

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Volume 1 Issue 1

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Volume 1 Issue 1 was released in September 2008 by Marvel Comics. It

was written by Paul Tobin, pencilled by Alvin Lee, and Inked by Terry Pallott.

Well this is a bit different, as the Marvel Adventures Super Heroes books are obviously glorified fare for younger readers, where they can just jump in with the colorful heroes that they know without being bogged down by the often times darker and continuity heavy story telling of the main stream comic book.

For a kid's comic book, not all that bad actually. It does help when you kind of know what you are going with. We see Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man living together in the same home, which would be a great reality show. Just throw in Deadpool and

Wolverine and we've got a true party. Spider-Man can stick to anything, including Hulk's arm.

Hercules has a task for our heroes, a task of most important, with his dog, the multi headed dog known as Cerebus and obviously there will be some hi-jinx. Namely poor Iron Man being used as a chew toy, for the pooch. Some training later, the dog will enter a dog show. Where more fun and games will ensue.

For people who are "grr, my comics need to be serious", likely not something that you need. But if you have children that like super heroes like Iron Man or Spider-Man or Hulk, from the various cartoons or movies, then this would be something rather fun to get them into reading. Given that more children could get into reading, this would be the perfect gateway, into the mainstream Marvel line once they get old enough in a few years.

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